Going to Future tense (Past) KULLANIMI

Going to Future tense



  • Aldığımız ve yapacak olduğumuz ama yapmadığımız gelecekle ilgili kararlarımızda kullanılır.
  • Kesin yapılacak olan ama yapılmayan gelecekle ilgili niyetlerde.


Olumlu Cümle  (+)

Özne +was were going to+ FiiI+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +was, were going to+Verb+ Object + Time Expression

I        was        going to phone her tommorrow.

You  were       going to come here tommorrow

We   were         going to visit them tommorrow

They were        going to buy a new car tommorrow

He       was       going to sell his PC tommorrow

She      was       going to tell me tommorrow

It          was       going to write this paper tommorrow

I was gonna do my homework.




  WH- Questions

  • What were you gonna do?

I was gonna study English .

  • Where were you gonna go ?

I was gonna go to Mugla City .

  • Whom were you gonna phone?

I was gonna phone  my mother.

  • Who was gonna run?

Murat was gonna run.

  • How was she gonna come here?

She was gonna come by plane.



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