1-        Most international airlines ask travellers ……… their

flight details 72 hours before departure.


A) to secure              B) to forgive                   C) to support

D) to confirm    E) to persuade


2-        John has decided to close his grocery shop because he says that it is not very ………. to run a small shop, there being so many supermarkets in town.


A) valuable   B) proficient           C) commercial

D) geniune    E) profitable


3-        The boxer in the red shorts, who knocked his opponent unconscious after a strong punch, was ………. the winner.


A) improved      B) declared        C) declined

D) confessed    E) rehearsed


4-        Anne could not find her purse, although she ……….

remembered putting it in her handbag before she left the house.


A) distinctly     B) distantly         C) inevitably

D) adequately  E) evidently


5-        The government’s intended foreign policy was

………. by events beyond its control.


A) nominated    B) overlooked   C) admired

D) hindered      E) outnumbered


6-        The police are confident of solving the crime, as they were given a very good ………. of the thief.


A) investigation  B) description C) qualification

D) observation    E) explanation


7-        In many jobs, such as a flight attendant, a smart

………. is very important.


A) expression   B) appearance      C) manner

D) existence     E) objection


8-        The others in the group thought that Roger had been

very ………. as he had eaten all the sweets himself instead of sharing them out.


A) extravagant   B) doubtful        C) selfish

D) conceited        E) aggressive


9-        Because of her ………. manner, the new student was

found irritating by many in the class.


A) arrogant   B) assuring             C) favourable

D) pointless  E) considerate


10-     The world of computer technology is changing so

……… that it has made much of the earlier software obsolete in a short time.


A) eagerly    B) studiously          C) hurriedly

D) leisurely  E) rapidly


11-     Sally looked quite ………. when she received rather

a low mark on the test because she thought she had done well.


A) mean          B) miserable        C) tactless

D) misguided  E) dishonest





12-     According to fossil records, there seems to be little doubt that the dog was the first animal ……… by humans.


A) invented          B) distilled      C) prepared

D) domesticated  E) guided


13-     With the money they won from the lottery, the Smiths plan to build a/an ………. onto the house.


A) addition    B) development      C) expansion

D) extension  E) reduction


14-     Julie’s only wish is to become the manager of the company in the future, and she is so ………. that I’m sure she will succeed.


A) aggressive                   B) generous         C) ambitious

D) jealous         E) optional


15-     Rejecting any extreme or radical ideas of any kind,

Mr Jones has ……… political opinions.


A) daring       B) insignificant      C) flexible

D) innovative  E) moderate


16-     Before he started writing his book, he ……….

information from various sources.


A) relied                 B) swept                              C) confirmed

D) compiled  E) persuaded


17-     Following the invention of the electric light bulb, the

gas lamp became ………. redundant.


A) virtually       B) approximately   C) extensively

D) deliberately  E) currently


18-     The economic depression has caused a lot of

workers to be ………. from their jobs across Europe.


A) related      B) dismissed           C) employed

D) admitted   E) resisted


19-     Goldflnger, one of my favourite films, is a/an

………. of lan Fleming’s novel.


A) absorption                                           B) accumulation

C) approval                                  D) classification

E) adaptation


20-     He had learnt all of his lines by heart, but once

on stage, he ………. forgot them all.


A) slowly      B) promptly            C) joyfully

D) likely        E) punctually


21-     The dog remained ……… to its blind owner and led

him everywhere although he didn’t treat it particularly well.


A) sincere      B) accurate              C) faithful

D) truthful     E) disloyal


22-     Steven couldn’t replace the gearbox on his old car,

as it had become ………. and was no longer produced.


A) exceptional              B) obsolete             C) sharp

D) sticky                      E) destructive



23-     Watermelons are ………. in semi-desert districts of

Africa as a source of water during droughts.


A) ploughed    B) irrigated          C) assisted

D) cultivated    E) spread



24-   Gary was …   ……. when he failed in his attempts to

become chairman of the company.


A) altered     B) frustrated           C) raised

D) gained     E) exhilarated


25-   Banana companies, most of which are located in Central and South America, can be very large operations, ……… thousands of workers.


A) discovering   B) announcing   C) taming

D) revealing       E) employing


26-     lan decided to ………. a dictionary because he was

unable to complete the crossword puzzle without using one.


A) contribute   B) assess              C) purchase

D) achieve        E) pursue


27-     At the time of the French Revolution, the

aristocracy became very ……….. because they were uncertain of their fate.


A) anxious    B) confident            C) conceited

D) decisive   E) inestimable


28-     Due to budget cuts, schools will no longer ……….

students with free pens and paper.


A) possess   B) grant                  C) loan

D) provide    E) attain


29-     ……… of wild mushrooms can be dangerous as some

varieties are poisonous.


A) Collection   B) Assembling    C) Identification

D) Rejection    E) Consumption


30-     She doesn’t………. when things start to go wrong,

but just gives up, and so she accomplishes nothing.


A) persevere   B) determine        C) demonstrate

D) delay          E) allege


31-     Most fruits are hard when they are still growing, but

soft when they are …….. .


A) tasty         B) plump C) ripe

D) heavy       E) dense


32-     The Chairman spoke so ………. that there were only a

few members who didn’t agree with him in the end.


A) aggressively    B) tactfully      C) constantly

D) vigorously       E) persuasively


33-   It wasn’t surprising that the firm lost the contract, because the manager handled the case rather ………..


A) extensively         B) inefficiently         C) needlessly

D) unintentionally  E) extravagantly


34-   Mary knew with just one ………. at his face that her

brother wasn’t telling the truth.


A) claim        B) hurry                  C) blow

D) insult       E) glance

35-    When a patient is given anesthetic, there is a very

35-    ……… balance between administering enough anesthetic to keep the patient unconscious during the operation, and too much anesthetic, which might prove lethal.


A) permanent       B) sparse         C) delicate

D) eventual             E) tender


36-    After Canada’s highways, which are straight as far as the eye can see, Adrian found England’s ………. roads hard to cope with.


A) blinding  B) outrageous         C) bumpy

D) winding  E) deserted


37-    With new immigrants arriving each day, New York is

probably the most………. populated city in the USA.


A) constantly      B) regularly       C) roughly

D) densely           E) approximately


38-    After teaching a class in their early teens. Peter was looking forward to a class of more ………. adults.


A) motionless               B) ripe     C) awkward

D) accurate                   E) mature


39-    Perhaps the greatest appeals in fishing for fun are

the ……… it offers to get outdoors, to enjoy the companionship of friends and to learn interesting facts about nature.


A) knowledge   B) decorations    C) opportunities

D) guidance       E) achievements


40-    There is a striking ………. between the two songs.

Actually, they sound almost the same!


A) balance          B) confession   C) appearance

D) resemblance  E) admiration


41-    The earthquake that struck Kobe, Japan, in

Januaryl995 almost ……… destroyed the city, killing more than 5.OOO people.


A) totally     B) identically          C) cruelly

D) roughly   E) precisely


42-    Western classical music, which has been taught in Japanese schools since the 187Os, is as popular as the ……… music of ancient Japan.


A) collapsible              B) previous   C) traditional

D) probable                 E) nourishing


43-    As it was not directly his fault, Tom felt that his

………. was very unfair.


A) permission   B) employment   C) appointment

D) refusal          E) dismissal


44-    Despite fears that it would rain all day, the weather conditions turned out to be ……….. which contributed to our enjoyment of the picnic.


A) nasty           B) peculiar           C) considerable

D) favourable   E) seeming


45-    The whitefin dolphin, a bluish-gray animal with a

white underside, …….. the Yangtze River of China.


A) strolls      B) inhabits              C) crawls

D) floats       E) drags



46-    Manchester United had to ………. a lot of pressure

from their rivals in order to win the match.


A) overtake  B) withstand           C) collapse

D) promote   E) accelerate





47-    Brian would have chosen to stay in Prague, if only he had been paid a high enough wage to lead a/an ……… life.


A) fertile      B) bulky                 C) evident

D) utter        E) decent


48-    We lost the contract because of the ……….. of our

secretary, who sent our proposal to the company too late.


A) skilfulness      B) helpfulness     C) brilliance

D) incompetence E) reliance


49-    When Greg lost quite a lot of weight due to his illness, he had to have his trousers ………. so that he could wear them.


A) varied       B) cleared               C) replaced

D) altered      E) related


50-    The teacher got angry when he was ……… asked the

same question by several students.


A) considerately   B) continually  C) abruptly

D) permanently    E) essentially


51-    Lisa only brings out her best china plates on

special………… such as birthdays or dinner parties.


A) requirements  B) occupations   C) occasions

D) admissions      E) occurrences


52-    We wanted to play tennis this afternoon but it ……….

poured down with rain and the court was flooded.


A) completely   B) absolutely       C) barely

D) entirely         E) precisely


53-    Peter did not have sufficient………. to complete the

marathon, so he dropped out at the half way stage.


A) endurance                B) resignation         C) wisdom

D) suspicion                 E) maintenance


54-    Normally my son is very naughty, but when we invited our new neighbours for dinner last night, he was ………. well behaved.


A) permanently     B) habitually      C) awkwardly

D) precisely            E) exceptionally


55-    Although we have quarrelled Several times in the

past, I ……… hope we can start a new and better friendship.


A) barely              B) occasionally                C) largely

D) considerably    E) sincerely


56-    I……….. chase that cat away from our garden, but it

returns again and again.


A) constantly      B) customarily  C) previously

D) nearly              E) eventually






57-    Children should not eat hamburgers all the time,

as they need a/an ……….. balanced diet.


A) adopted    B) heightened         C) varied

D) altered      E) uniformed


58-    The newspapers reported that the firemen had

acted ………. when they rescued the residents from the burning house, without even hesitating to put their own lives in danger.


A) formerly  B) disastrously       C) recklessly

D) bravely    E) gradually


59-    Because the front door was locked, we went into

the building through the side


A) cellar       B) entrance             C) access

D) fence       E) attic


60-    Do you ……….which day the last meeting was


A) remind    B) estimate              C) promise

D) adjust      E) recollect


1. D      2. E       3. B      4.A       5.D       6.B       7.B       8.C    9.A  10.E

1 l.B      12.D     13.D     14.C     15.E      16.D     17.A     18.B 19.E 20.B

21.C  22.B  23.D  24.B  25.E  26.C  27.A  28.D 29.E 30.A

31.C  32.E  33.B  34.E  35.C  36.D  37.D  38.E 39.C 40.D

41.A  42.C  43.E  44.D  45.B  46.B  47.E  48.D 49.D 50.B

51.C  52.B  53.A  54.E  55.E  56.A  57.C  58.D 59.B 60.E






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