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1-…………. , but I’d guess he must be about sixty.

A)My husband will phone the tour company and ask the price of the trip to Egypt

B)I don’t remember how much the shop assistant told us those jeans cost

C)I don’t know exactly how old Tim’s father is

D)Frank weighed himself and was horrified to see he is eight kilos

E)Tom may be heavier than you, but don’t forget that he is also taller


2- If you’re not sure how to spell a word, ………….. .

A) one must first learn how to pronounce the English alphabet

B) you should look it up in a dictionary

C) homophones are words that sound the same

D) it is because, in Turkish, every sound is represented with a symbol

E) then you should have avoided using them in your essay


3-…….., most citizens of the sultanate actually live in poverty.

A)Since the Sultan of Brunei is one of the wealthiest people in the world

B)Considering that the largest concentration of urban population is in Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan

C)Because Brunei earns billions of dollars a year from petroleum exports

D)When Queen Elizabeth paid an official visit to the Sultan of Brunei in ear1y1998

E)Although the average income in Brunei is among the world’s highest


4-The cost of living in Alaska is extremely high, ………  .

A) as the price of petrol there is surprisingly low

B) whereas Eskimos live in ice houses called igloos

C) due to the fact that only about 500,000 people live there

D) unless you really enjoy extremely cold weather and snow

E) because nearly everything has to be imported





5-In Africa, summer starts in the middle of December, …….. .

A) however the inhabitants don’t have much opportunity to take advantage of this

B) while in Europe, the season begins in the middle of June

C) when vast stretches of land were frequently covered in snow

D) but they’re going to change this system so as to be like the rest of the world

E) though the modern twelve-month calendar is of little use to them


6-……….,so the family of the victim were outraged.

A) They won their case and the burglar had to go to jail

B) The girl completely recovered from the brutal attack

C) They were relieved to see the murderer locked up in prison

D) The murderer was only given a two and a half year prison sentence

E) The judge had given the robber a harsh punishment

7-……,  though she carefully kept it from me.

A) I’m surprised to hear about the problems she faced there

B) I’ve tried to make my daughter talk to me

C) I was expecting her to tell me all her secrets

D)Kim tells me almost everything that happens at school

E) She mentioned to Roberta about her new boyfriend


8- ….. , which has a wonderful view of the harbour.

A) The restaurant on Galata Tower serves specialities of Turkish cuisine

B) My friend, Jason, lived in the same house for more than ten years

C) I’ll show you Molly’s new car as we drive past it on our way home

D) Whenever I have a little time, I love climbing up Shooter Hill

E) Most of the flats in this block are a little cold as they face north







9- Despite abundant rain throughout the winter, ….. .

A) the city is still suffering from a shortage of water this summer

B) when there were severe floods destroying a large part of the region

C) the local fruit growers no longer complain about the drought

D) it was after a long period, without a drop of rain for many months

E) irrigation is only necessary for a few farms where they grow vegetables


10- Are you aware that we will have been waiting here for four straight hours ……..?


A) if we had toured around the city instead of coming here so early

B) what time exactly is the plane going to take off

C) since they last made an announcement about the fate of our flight

D) as soon as they arrived in Spain at 3p.m.

E) by the time the plane leaves at eight, after a two-hour delay


11- ………, Barbara was appointed to district manager.


A) Unless she displayed considerable talent in her job

B) Due to her dedication to her work

C) As she has just been promised by the director

D) No wonder she just couldn’t believe her eyes

E) In spite of her managerial skills she gained at university


12-I didn’t know what to say……….. .


A) when Nicole came in with her new hair style and asked for my opinion

B) if I don’t think I’ll have finished reading the report before then

C) that Tim has always asked his questions in such a straightforward manner

D) the fact that I lust wanted to leave work without any major reasons

E) and so get the lowest mark of my life






13………….., he has not written a new book for over ten years.


A) Once considered one of the most promising authors of his generation

B) When the critics felt that he was sure to be a huge success

C) After putting his feet up on the desk and looking me straight in the eye

D) As his publisher tried to urge him to work more productively

E) What his readers really appreciate is the consistent quality of his writing


14-While New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world, …………….

A) it’s because its residents consist of people from various cultures

B) it’s certainly not one of the cheapest though

C) make sure you visit the Metropolitan Museum during your visit

D) it can also be one of the most stressful and dangerous

E) the sightseeing tour which we Joined was really unforgettable


15- Though it’s been years since he last visited his parents,……………… .   

A) he always felt so depressed when he returned home

B) they both seem to be very healthy for their age

C) he had taken a round-the-world trip in the meantime

D) he wasglad that they both looked quite healthy

E) he still feels close because of the frequent phone calls and letters


16-Some people are terrified of thunderstorms ……..

A) as long as they feel certain that  there is no reason

B) even when they are safely indoors

C) where thunderstorms are extremely common

D) as most of them only last 30 to 40 minutes

E) if only they knew that they are not as dangerous







17-………, yet it  is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

A) Unlike many important archaeological sites, the Great Pyramid was never buried or lost

B) Because of the political situation, few people visit Ankor Wat today

C) One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen is the Valley of the Kings

D) The modem architecture of the Sydney Opera House arouses admiration in people

E) Archaeological investigations are still continuing at the Valley of the Kings


18-…………… in spite of there being no tourist facilities there.

A) We really enjoyed our trip to a remote part of the Himalayas

B) The best way to attract a lot more tourists to the area

C) They thought that Angola was one of the worst places they had ever visited

D Whatever your age is, there is so much for everyone to do at the resort

E) I spent most of my last holiday cold, wet and miserable


19- …….., others are happy with the role of the traditional housewife.

A) Because it is not very satisfying staying home and looking after children

B) As the traditional extended family has almost ceased to exist in the West

C) Whichever methods overweight women try in order to lose weight

D) Since one salary is often not enough to support a family

E) Although many women work in full time jobs


20-Jeff ‘s parents allow him to stay out late ………….. .    

A) but not until he promised to come back before midnight

B) by the time they find out his whereabouts

C) since his eighteenth birthday two months ago

D) so long as he calls to report where he is

E) whenever he got a high mark on a test








21-…………., they had to book the hall for two more nights.

A)Since so many people wanted to go to the concert

B)Even if more people want to attend the conference than expected

C)Although all the tickets sold out within hours of going on sale

D)In spite of the risks of using untrained personnel

E) The play was originally planned to be performed on Saturday night


22-It is essential that no one leaves the building …………… .     

A)so that the building is very crowded

B) until the police have checked everyone’s identity

C)as though everyone was still inside

D) yet it is still possible that there were a lot of people inside at the time

E) provided that nobody could state a valid excuse


23-Last year there was such a lot of rain in the south of the country………….    


A)so there was not enough in the rest of the country

B)than the amount which was forecast by the weather station

C)when there was a lot of suffering and homelessness caused by them

D)that it appeared as though it would never stop

E)since there had not been that much rain for a long time


24-One of the main causes of heart disease is…………. .    


A)as people eat the wrong things and don’t get enough exercise

B)since people do not have to work physically as hard as they used to

C)yet treatment is available if you are sensible and have regular checkups

D)that many people are unaware of the dangers of smoking combined with poor diet

E)when chest pains occur after exercise






25-I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but if you had only phoned, …………. .     


A)I told you on the e-mail that I wouldn’t be able to meet you at the airport

B)you should have checked with me that we had meant the same restaurant

C)whether the meeting has been put off or not

D)I have had the date and the address of the conference confirmed

E)we could have been sure that we understood each other


26-……….., until his car was stolen and he got mugged on the same day.


A)His life was so bad that he was sure he was due for a spell of good luck

B)The police were sure that they knew where the robbers were hiding

C)He never believed that he lived in a. dangerous part of town.

D)He enjoyed the security of his job even though the salary was low

E)No matter how hard he worked\ he always seemed to have trouble paying his bills


27-Some people feel that the American political system has steadily deteriorated ………..  .    

A)when people became more concerned with the people who took decisions for them

B)while the media is one of the main causes of it

C)so that the candidates are now more honest and better qualified than ever

D)since the mass media began to make image more important than ideas

E)during the first televised TV debates between Kennedy and Nixon


28- ………, sometimes things all work out for the best.

A)Though it can be quite disappointing not to get to the university you set your heart 9n

B)Because in some countries there is no longer any compulsory military service

C)We all had a great time hiking through the woods last weekend

D)I’ve never seen such a terrible hotel or eaten at such a bad restaurant

E)It was unbelievable how he lost his entire fortune in a single night of gambling


29-………….., advances in medicine have also led to the present threat of worldwide over-population.

A) While they’ve undoubtedly improved the quality of our lives

B) Although sometimes more than one form of therapy is used to treat an illness

C) Because they have played an important part in raising our standard of living

D) Once dreaded annual events, polio epidemics are now mentioned only in history books

E) Even if family planning remains one of the great challenges of the late 20th century


30-Unless the two sides begin to negotiate seriously,………  .

A) there is likely to be violence in the region

B) everyone is confident that there won’t be a war

C) a peace-keeping mission will no longer be needed

D) they should be able to find a solution with no difficulty

E) the people in the region are now enjoying a peaceful atmosphere


31-Even though it was defended by so few armed men, ………… .

A) it didn’t take the invaders long to capture the fortress

B) the city managed to hold out against its attackers until help arrived

C) the attackers were well aware of the town’s lack of ammunition

D) no one knew how many there really were

E) most of whom also had no war experience


32- Prepositions are one area which students of English find quite hard, ……….. .

A) as the rules for them are so logical and clear

B) because native speakers find them very easy to use

C) another being to gain an understanding of articles

D) once they have memorised all of them by heart

E) although they never really seem to understand them







33-There is going to be a big protest…………… .

A) when a ceremony was organised for the opening of the new motorway

B) in case the council continued pulling any more historical buildings down

C) while they were cutting down so many trees for a new housing development

D) if only taxes have been brought down a little by the new government

E) if the government tries to build a road through that residential area


34-I admit that I should have confirmed the reservations, …………… .

A)considering the fact that there have never been any problems before

B) but I really thought everything had been taken care of

C) so you could have done it as well, had you thought of it

D) so that we won’t have to bother looking for accommodation

E) thus it is definitely not my fault, but the travel agent’s


35- Whenever there is an international incident, ……  .

A)the United Nations was not able to solve it

B)powerful nations try to use it to their advantage

C)it has not been fair to expect too much of the United Nations

D)athletic competitions have certainly stimulated good-will between nations

E)it also includes such music contests as Eurovision


36-……….., it is obvious that the whole thing was a waste of time and effort.

A)None of us wanted to go in the first place

B)Staff meetings are often boring and have no apparent point to them

C)Since the results were far more satisfactory than anyone had expected

D)Seeing that we couldn’t solve anything in the end

E) Except for the fact that everyone thought the food was terrible






37-………….., the south coast of Spain has been destroyed by insensitive planning and building.

A) Since it remains one of the nicest places you are likely to visit

B) As tourism has made a major contribution to Spain’s spectacular economic growth

C) Once one of the most attractive spots in Europe

D) Because it accounts for just under 15 percent of Spain’s total area

E) There was once one of the most beautiful resorts imaginable


38-……………when driving for long distances on a motorway.

A)Make sure you take occasional rest stops

B)You can arrive at your destination quicker than taking the back roads

C)On Sundays there are lots of cars along the Bosphorus

D)People who drive down the centre lane at low speed

E)A lot of young people return to university at certain times of the year


39-…………, melting ice will cause sea levels to rise, flooding many coastal regions.


A)By the time something was done about the situation

B)If only we had listened to the weather forecast

C)Unless drastic action is taken to halt global warning

D)While attempting to understand the greenhouse effect

E)Since drought continues to cause concern in many parts of the world


40-It is quite clear from the evidence……………… .

A)because no one else knew so much about the victim’s habits

B)while he is trying to think of a reasonable defence

C)whether he actually did it is still the question we have to answer

D)though the police are trying to reach his accomplices in the robbery

E)that he is the only person who could have committed the crime




41-Due to the crime and pollution associated with city centres, ……… .     

A)everyone wants to live there for a better quality of life

B)it is not the nicest place for some people to live

C)there could be no better place for the new office block

D)they are no better than the slum areas though

E)more and more people are moving to the suburbs


42-In order to become competent in a foreign language, . .    

A)is best achieved by marrying someone who speaks that language

B)there are now far more language schools than there used to be

C)it is really necessary to live in a country where the language is spoken

D)whether you have the chance to use the language at work or not

E)requires patience and takes years of hard work and study


43-Although there is now more consumer choice than ever before, …………. .

A)it is certainly a result of mass-production, beginning with the Industrial Revolution

B)many people do not seem as satisfied as they used to be

C)going shopping when things are on sale is so economical

D)it depends on whether you have enough capital or not

E)it might have been due to the unprecedented increase in demand


44-Despite the disadvantage of playing away from home in front of a hostile crowd, ……… .     

A) our team put in one of their, best performances of the season

B) they knew they’d never have a chance to win

C) we were rather late and were unable to get tickets

D)the players were a little demoralised, and couldn’t do their best

E)I don’t have satellite TV, so I couldn’t watch the match anyway





45- The cease-fire has now held for six months, ………. .     

A) so both sides still distrust one another

B) everyone is certain that the situation will soon be resolved

C) thus the relationship between the two countries has never been an easy one

D) when all the parties involved in the conflict had been in agreement

E) yet no one is ever sure what will happen from one day to the next


46-……….., the world has had to adjust to a new set of international realities.

A)Until the outstanding events of the late 1980s

B)While several countries were undergoing a traumatic period

C)Ever since the break-up of the Soviet Union

D)After the peace conference, which is due to take place next month

E)Though there had been speculation about the state of the Prime Minister’s health

47-We went to the travel agent’s to book a flight, …………… .

A)only to learn that there were no seats left on the planes

B)who is likely to tell us that we’ll need to get a visa before going

C)considering that the plane ticket was very expensive indeed

D)which also includes a few historical places, such as Hagia Sophia

E)and landed at Gatwick Airport in the middle of the night


48-…………unless he does very poorly in the final exam.

A)Dave has only done very little work for his finals

B)Joseph is certain to do well in his course

C)Greg has never been very good at taking tests

D)Paul couldn’t have answered that question

E)Bill won’t be able to graduate next month










49-Though both sides claim that they don’t want a war, ………… .


A)it causes a lot of suffering to civilians

B)maintaining a military is very expensive

C)the peoples of both countries are against it as well

D)they don’t seem to be able to agree in the negotiations

E)the presidents of both countries were once very strict generals


50-Harry has been earning a lot of money recently, ………… .


A)although he is one of the most industrious workers in the company

B)but he hasn’t managed to save a thing

C)so he can barely afford to look after his expensive house by the sea

D)in spite of the fact that his job pays rather well

E)until he’d contracted a serious disease and missed a month of work


51-……… ,yet it is much safer than it used to be because of modern safety equipment.


A)With a little care, you won’t encounter any mishaps

B)considering the great risk involved in automobile races

C)Skiing can be counted among the most dangerous sports

D)Household accidents account for many deaths of children

E)Drink-driving poses a great threat for innocent pedestrians


52-Whereas I really love the taste of coffee, …………. .


A)I can’t stand it with milk and sugar

B)it is definitely my favourite hot drink

C)instant coffee is much easier to prepare

D)it is becoming increasingly popular in offices

E)it helps keep me awake when I have to work at night






53-……….., but with glasses, he can see as well as anybody.


A)Jeff used to wear contact lenses

B)Roy’s eyesight is so bad that he’s nearly blind

C)As a child, Richard’s vision was perfect

D)Tim lost his glasses when he went camping

E)John leaves his glasses behind wherever he goes


54-Russia lost a lot of land when the Soviet Union broke up; ……….. .

A)nevertheless. not very many of them are very useful

B)even though many other things happened in the same year.

C)moreover, it is possible that they may try to find it again

D)in contrast, the rubble collapsed at the same time

E)however, it’s still the largest country in the world


55-…………, which is a sport combining skiing and shooting.

A)I’m opposed to the use of guns in sport

B)Canadians traditionally do well in the biathlon

C)Every year many people die in hunting accidents

D)The Swedes have a skiing division in their army

E)More people die from guns in cold, snowy places


56- If the’ rain hadn’t stopped……….. .

A)the river would have flooded its banks

B)the tennis match has been cancelled

C)I wouldn’t have taken an umbrella

D)it had rained heavily for almost a week

E)I will still be staying at home on New Year’s Eve













57- Having never been out of England, ……………. .

A)Indonesia was a very confusing place for Richard

B)seeing new places and experiencing new things will have been exciting

C)it was a place that he had never had the courage to visit

D)Tom found everything about India to be completely overwhelming

E)it’d never been the thing that he most wanted to do though


58-What is impossible to forgive is………….. .

A)whether he’ll telephone us during his stay there or not

B)his ingratitude after all that we have done for him

C)she should have married him after she’d got to know him better

D)even if you do apologise, it won’t make any difference

E)I don’t understand why she did something so insensitive


59-………….since it’ll be dark when they arrive.

A)They won’t be here until 9

B)Let’s leave the outside lights on

C)There’s no moon tonight

D)They’re not travelling by train this time

E)They can’t have got lost in town


60- Before Maria starts university, ………….. .

A)she decided to have a holiday first

B)her father seems to be very proud of her success

C)she didn’t expect to find a well-paid job

D)she had to pass the entrance exams

E)her family will give a small party for her


61-……….., whereas he is very like his brother.

A)Pete doesn’t look like his sister at all

B)John really doesn’t like his cousin

C)Jane likes both Graham and Nicholas

D)Bob can’t stand living in a big city

E)Robin really loves his little sister






62-Although Egypt was once thought to be the home of the world’s oldest civilisation, ……….. .

A)archaeologists now believe that there were even more ancient ones in India

B)Cleopatra is probably the best known queen in history

C)it was based on the yearly flooding of the Nile

D)this is why they make a lot of money from the tourist trade now

E)with so many dynasties spanning a period of several thousand years


63-…………, even after we had stayed up all night working on it.

A)In the end everything was ready and the boss was really pleased

B)We could have watched the film on TV last night if it had been working

C)In the morning we were disheartened to see how much work remained to be done

D)We found that the project only got its funding through last Friday

E)There were no more problems with any of the machinery


64-Despite the high cost of living, ……………… .

A)salaries are fairly high these days

B)people seem to live quite well

C)prices will have been quite reasonable

D)inflation just keeps going up

E)everybody wants to find a well-paid job


65- Not having ever ridden on a motor-cycle before, ………….

A)everyone says that nothing else is so much fun

B)the first couple of kilometres were really terrifying

C)the traffic made it even more frightening than it would have been

D)I was really frightened when I saw how fast we were going

E)my brother has also participated in several motor races









66- Though we live in a rational age, when there is a scientific explanation for everything, there are certain places in the world……… .

A)which has a lot more tourist attractions than others

B)so you should visit them before they lose their authenticity

C)like the beautiful palm-fringed beaches of the Pacific Islands

D)but you must decide which ones you most want to visit

E)where the landscape still seems to exert a strong spiritual force


67-Despite the remarkable economic growth of recent years , …………… .   

A)some people are much richer than their grandfathers

B)you should have invested wisely to earn a lot of money

C)severe economic inequalities still exist in China

D)there is no longer any real hardship in Japan

E)formerly there was still too much economic inequality


68- However much he tried to discipline himself, ……… .

A)Albert Einstein was the man I most admired

B)there never seemed to be enough time to get everything done

C)his mother always thought he was the perfect son

D)he was already the top student in his class

E)it was the most successful year he had ever spent


69- You will understand why I am so fond of this place…. .     

A)once the rain has stopped and we can go outside

B)because I have never seen such a good place for sailing small boats

C)if only you had not travelled so much and seen more exciting places

D)which offered much less to see than your hometown

E)when you saw there is nothing else like it in the entire world






70-………., so she wasn’t very pleased when it was cancelled.

A)My uncle had bought us all tickets to the play

B)Mary wasn’t planning on seeing the film anyway

C)Elizabeth was very excited about her birthday

D)Ann had been looking forward to the party

E)Joanne took out two magazine subscriptions


71-…………., youths from their countries often become friends when they meet.

A)Because of historical forces, some countries have never been on good terms

B)It is difficult to understand why some countries are always on the brink of war with one another

C)Since the peoples of some countries seem destined to hate each other

D)However much the political leaders of some countries may dislike one another

E)Due to the many diplomatic problems between countries with different political ideologies


72-While he was upset when his pocket was picked, …………….. .

A)it was done by a boy who looked no older than twelve

B)he could not help but admire the efficient way in which it was done

C)he knows that he shouldn’t keep all the money in one place

D)he may decide to leave the country and never return

E)there wasn’t anything worthwhile in his rucksack anyway


73-Just  as a diver never knows what he will bring up from the seabed, ………….. .

A)since there are so many things to discover down there

B)especially in a country, like England, where the water is often so murky

C)it’s not often that a novelist knows how his book will end up when he begins it

D)a good engineer plans out every stage of his work meticulously

E)a footballer does not know how the match will turn out





74-Although the temperature was below freezing, …. .    

A)it had been snowing heavily for days

B)the old beggar was only wearing a thin jacket

C)everybody at home had gone down with flu

D)the ice on the pond was a foot thick

E)it was not warm enough to play tennis


75-There are religious festivals almost every month in Kathmandu , ……… .   

A)which is held in honour of their gods

B)while they are some of the most interesting sights a visitor is likely to see

C)however much everyone seems to enjoy them

D)where even the paving stones seem to be worshipped as some sort of god

E)when it is the happiest time imaginable


76-Despite the fact that the price was reasonable , …….. .   

A)there were long queues outside the shop

B)Jacqueline really wanted to buy the dress

C)it shouldn’t be reduced by 50% in the sale

D)we managed to buy a new car last month

E)no one was interested in buying the house


77- ……… ,whereas drinking hot milk can help you to sleep.

A)You shouldn’t drive when you’re tired

B)While tea and coffee contain caffeine

C)Milk should be kept cool in the fridge

D)Coffee may keep you awake at night

E)If you have trouble getting to sleep


78-When opening a bank account, ……….. .    


A)the staff of the bank are very helpful with the completion of the forms

B)interest rates have gone up dramatically

C)It won’t be open on Saturdays anyway

D) you have to provide some’ form of identity

E)your money will be much safer there












79-………., provided that I didn’t tell my father.


A)My mother said she would let me borrow the car

B)I bought my father a surprise birthday present

C)I wouldn’t have been able to borrow the money

D)No one found out that my brother was in trouble

E)We have decided to stay up late and watch television


80- During the hot summer of 1976, ……… .   


A)it was, fortunately, followed by a mild winter

B)many regions in the country experienced a terrible drought

C)we have been on holiday in Cornwall for only a week

D)there’s never been a summer as hot as that

E)we have been finding it difficult to sleep


81- ……… case we couldn’t find an open shop.


A)We weren’t able to buy any butter

B)We took everything we needed with us

C)Our house was in a very remote area

D)We drove along the road for a long time

E)A large supermarket had been opened in the area


82-If the bus hadn’t driven past our stop without stopping, ………. .    


A)we hadn’t got so wet waiting in the rain

B) there wouldn’t be so many people in it

C)there weren’t any seats available for us

D)passengers could be more comfortable

E)we would have been home by now













83-The bigger our advertising campaign is , ………….. .


A)even though we are likely to have some success

B)the more likely it is that we will get a lot of new business

C)we should be able to do very well in the upcoming year

D)so we may have more chance of finding a lot of new customers

E)than all that we have had since we started business


84-……….. by lowering the risk of heart attack and some types of cancer.


A)As you get older, you should watch your diet and consume less red meat

B)Becoming a vegetarian is one of the most healthy things a person can do

C)There is now a healthy trend toward eating more fresh fruit and vegetables

D)Too much red meat and fatty food is not ‘good for you

E)Eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables can improve a person’s health

85-…………, in case he called while we were out?

A)Did you remind William to phone us today

B)Do you think these instructions I’m leaving for the repairman are clear enough

C)Why don’t you check your answering machine

D)Have you left the back door open for Sam

E)Do you really think we should go out today


86-Since I had never eaten raw fish before I went to Japan, …………. .

A)coupled with the fact that I do not normally eat fish, even cooked

B)perhaps I will’ like it when I have tried it

C)I was a little nervous the first time it was put in front of me

D)it is difficult, though. to explain what it tastes like

E)it was one of the most delicious Japanese dishes








87-……..,  probably the best one is that it can give you an insight into a different culture and way of life.

A)While there are many reasons for learning a foreign language

B)Even though a number of countries use English as a first language

C)Due to the number of good reasons for studying a foreign language

D)Except for the fact that there is a saying, “travel broadens the mind”

E)There are many disadvantages to travelling abroad if you don’t speak a foreign language


88-Instead of taking advantage of the time to prepare for the big match ……………. .

A)they practised every day and were in top form when the time came

B)they would not have played so well otherwise

C)there were still some injury problems as the date approached

D)the team members stayed out late every night and hardly bothered to practise

E)each new day was full of tension and excitement


89-Because so many people are trying to get visas, ………… .

A)the authorities were making it more and more difficult

B)there is, however, no reason that they should make it so hard

C)the economic situations in the countries of the applicants worsened

D)it is a good place to emigrate to for economic reasons

E)the consulate puts as many difficulties as possible in the way


90-………., it can be more beneficial to have a vocational qualification.

A)Not until a lot of people were able to get university degrees

B)Whereas most young people have their hearts set on a university degree

C)Everyone wants a university degree because they can use it to get a high-paying Job

D)Because the best way to a successful future is a university degree

E) If only youths could get into the university they want to go to




91-Asthey become capable of more and more tasks, …………. .     

A)most calculators can only perform the basic mathematical functions

B)duplicating machines are devices used for making copies of a document

C)machines are only as good as the people operating them

D)microscopes use a beam of light and lenses to magnify objects

E)computers will take over more of the work now done by people


92-…………. that even their fans were absolutely amazed.

A)Their brilliant performance in the cup final was so unexpected

B)They only had to win two more matches to be sure of the championship

C)Even if they had won after such a shocking performance

D)with their expensive foreign players doing so well, they have hardly lost a match all season

E)It was the biggest crowd of the season, and probably one of the best behaved


93- Asa result of the oil crises of 1974,………….. .

A)the British economy has never really recovered from these problems

B)most car manufacturers began making smaller, more economical cars

C)really necessitates a large increase in petrol prices

D)pollution in Istanbul is becoming worse and worse as the population grows

E)it may even affect some of the countries that produce their own oil


94-We’d hoped for great things from the new manager………  .  

A)on the condition that he is really as qualified as he claims to be

B)and we were all disappointed when we heard he was coming

C) but his arrogance soon destroyed our optimism

D)even though he had such a good reputation

E)so he would sort out all our outstanding problems





95-………….., the meat in the stew was still not tender enough to chew easily.

A)Not having bought it from our usual butcher’s

B)So as to make sure that it was delicious

C)Although I had only put it in at the last moment

D)The time given in the recipe must have been wrong

E)In spite of having been cooked for two hours


96- No matter how many times I look up that word in the dictionary, ………… .

A)I’ve finally managed to memorise it

B)I just do not seem to be able to remember it

C)my dictionary can’t be a really good one

D)there are so many other words that seem to mean the same thing

E)I really hoped that it wouldn’t appear on the exam


97-In order to learn a foreign language, ………….. .

A)a student must be willing to take every opportunity to practise speaking

B)the grammar is sometimes so complicated that it takes years to master

C)it can be difficult for people without strong motivation though

D)there are a lot of new words to memorise

E)it is still not possible to be as fluent as a native speaker


98-……………until you’ve made an improvement in your work.

A)You used to be one of our best employees

B)Your performance has not been very satisfactory recently

C)I have noticed that you are becoming lazy

D)You will soon be looking for a new job

E)You shouldn’t expect to get a promotion


99-Mel Gibson began his career in low quality action films,………… .

A)though he is unable to play in any serious films

B)so he is, in fact, a surprisingly good dramatic actor

C)while he was still a young man trying to make his way

D)since Jack Nicholson also spent years in the same kind of films

E)because he turned out to be an extremely versatile actor


100-……………before you can expect to obtain a decent job.

A)You have been unemployed for so long

B)You have, unfortunately, failed your entrance examination

C)These days you have to know how to use a computer

D) In a country where university education has always been free

E)The rapid population growth plays a major role


Answer Key

1C           2B           3E           4E           5B           6D           7E           8D           9A           10E         11B         12A         13A         14D         15E         16B                17B         18A         19E         20D         21A         22B         23B         24D         25E         26C         27D         28A         29A         30A         31B                32C         33E         34B         35B         36D         37C         38A         39C         40E         41E         42C         43B         44A         45E         46C                47A         48B         49D         50B         51C         52A         53B         54E         55B         56A         57D         58B         59B         60E         61A                62A         63C         64B         65D         66E         67C         68B         69A         70D         71D         72B         73E         74B         75D         76E                77D         78D         79A         80B         81B         82E         83B         84E         85C         86C         87A         88D         89E         90B         91E                92A         93B         94C         95E         96B         97A         98E         99C         100B


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