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Comparison of Adjectives

Regular adjectives- Tek heceli sıfatlar


Positive                       Comparative              Superlative

Tall                              taller                          the tallest

Small                           smaller                      the smallest

Short                           shorter                         the shortest

High                            higher                          the highest

Fat                               fatter                            the fattest

big                               bigger                          the biggest



-er,-ly, -y ile biten iki heceliler

Clever                          cleverer                        the cleverest

Easy                            easier                           the easiest

Silly                             sillier                           the silliest

Happy                         happier                        the happiest




-full ve –re ,-able vs. ile biten 2 heceliler

Positive                       Comparative              Superlative

Careful            more careful                the most careful

Secure                         more secure                 the most secure

Harmful                      more harmful               the most harmful

3 heceliler  ise

Beautiful         more beautiful             the most beautiful

Comfortable                more comfortable        the most comfortable

Popular                        more popular               the most popular


Tarkan is more popular than Mustafa Sandal.




My sister is taller than your sister.

I am older than you.

He is fatter than me.

Ahmed is cleverer than Mustafa.




My sister is the tallest in my family

I am the oldest in this city.

He is the fattest in the class.

Ahmed is the cleverest student of the school.


İki eşit kişi ve nesneyi karşılaştırmada ise



Sabancı is as rich as Koç. (+)

Eczacıbaşı is not so rich as Koç. (-)

Eczacıbaşı is not as rich as Koç. (-)

Mercedes is as expensive as BMW.(+)

Is Jim as tall as Harry?


The same ( as ) ve different (from)


You are at the same age as my father.

Istanbul has got the same population as London

You have got the same room as my room.

Your car is different from my car.

I have a different room from your room.


İngilizce Öğretmeni

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