future tense -will-

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Will  =  -ecek  -acak  Olumlu cümleler yaparken kullanırız.

Will not = Won’t   =  – meyecek –mayacak   Olumsuz cümleler
yaparken kullanılır.

Will ve Won’t yardımcı fiillerini aynı zamanda soru
cümleleri yaparken de kullanabiliriz.

Olumlu Cümle

Olumsuz Cümle

Soru Cümleleri

*I will help you with
the housework.

*They will come home

*He will have lunch at
12 .00

*We will work tonight.

*You will meet an old
friend this week.

*Taurus people will
have money problem.

*Serap won’t g oto the
cinema because she will help her mother with
the cleaning.

*You won’t have health
problems this week.

*They won’t invite
Murat their birthday party because they are angry with Murat.

A:Will you help me with
my homework?

B: Yes,I will.

A: Will your father
work at the factory tonight?

B: No,he won’t.



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