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How To Learn English

How people learn language:)?Without deeping into  purple prose, I will explain you the best way. Love. Love is the first rule. If you love you cannot give up practicing English. However, you may say that English is difficult. How can I love?

I want to share my own experience. I was trying to increase my hours that I had been sharing to learning English while I was preparing college. I was struggling very much. For example think about that, I could only make 50 points from 100 for an highly advanced exam. However, I had to take at least 85 or 86. How could I manage that I was thinking about that.

One light appeared in my mind. For example if I like a place I want to live there. If I love one of my friends, I want to be with him/her. If I love my pen, I carry it every where with me. Moreover, I was a student. I had to think via the best pragmatic way. If I tell myself at least 40 times that I love English, I would begin to love English. That myth has come true as everytime being.How to Learn English

I began to love English. I began to love my textbooks//grammar//reading//vocabulary//easy readers etc. I began to study like a professional. That had been perfect.

We said that the first rule is love.

We might say positive thinking style has to have second importance. However, we do not have to make any hierarchy. Positive thinking style first and love second is also possible. They are very similar. Whenever, you came across a negative feeling or memory in your mind, try to think otherwise.

For example; you have to say: I want to learn English, because…….,I can learn English, I learn English day by day,etc., (Instead of; if I can’t learn English, say  “I can learn English”)

And the last one in this catagory is stabilty in your studies. Persistant kind of study method will make you reach your desires.



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