1. PREPOSITIONS USED IN IDIOMS ( deyimlerde kullanılan edatlar)

Below are examples of idioms consisting of prepositional phrases. The following selection of idioms emphasizes those used in North American English. The meaning of each idiom is indicated after the colon.

not at all:  not in any way ( hiç bir şekilde)
at all times:  always ( her zaman)
at any rate:  whatever happens  ( her halükarda)
keep someone at arm’s length:  avoid becoming closely involved with someone ( mesafeli durmak)
at close quarters:  very near ( çok yakın)
at one’s disposal:  to be used as one wishes ( emre amade)
at a distance:  not near ( uzak mesafede)
at fault:  causing something wrong (  hatalı)
at first:  at the beginning ( en başta)
see at a glance:  see immediately ( bir bakışta)
at hand:  near; readily available ( elinin altında)
at last:  finally, after some delay ( en sonunda)
at a loss:  uncertain what to do or say (ne yapacağını şaşırmak)
at the mercy of:  without defense against ( onun merhametine kalmış)
at the moment:  now  ( şimdi)
at once:  immediately ( bir an önce)
at present:  now ( şimdi)
at rest:  not moving ( haraketsiz)
at risk:  threatened by danger or loss ( risk altında)
at short notice:  with little warning ( uyarmadan hemen
at stake:  to be won or lost (tehlike altında ,zor durumda)
at a stretch:  continuously ( aralıksız)
at that rate:  under those circumstances ( o şartlar altında)
at this point:  at this place; at this moment ( bu noktada, burda, bu anda )
at the wheel:  in control ( control altında)

behind the scenes:  ( kişiye ait bir deyim olayları gizlice etkleyen) (of persons) influencing events secretly; (in a theater) behind the stage  ( tiyatroda sahne arkası)
behind schedule:  not on time ( zamanında olmayan,planlanan takvimin gerisinde)

be beside oneself:  lose one’s self-control ( kontrolünü kaybetmek)
beside the point:  irrelevant ( ilgisiz)

read between the lines:  deduce a meaning that is not actually expressed ( söylenenin arkasındaki anlamı farketmek,çıkarmak)

beyond help:  unable to be helped ( yardım edilemez)
beyond a joke:  too annoying to be amusing ( eğlendiremeyecek kadar can sıkıcı)
beyond reproach:  perfect; blameless ( kusursuz, mükemmel)

by accident:  not deliberately ( kazara, istemeyerek)
by all means:  by any possible method ( aşikar,apaçık)
bit by bit:  gradually ( aşama aşama, parça  parça)
by chance:  by accident; without planning ( şans eseri)
by courtesy of:  with the help or permission of (izniyle, lütfuyla)
win by default:  win because of lack of competition ( hükmen galip gelmek)
by degrees:  gradually ( aşama aşama)
perform by ear:  perform (music) by listening to the sound, without referring to written music ( dinleme yoluyla müzik icra etmek)
by hand:  without the use of machinery ( el ile)

by heart:  from memory ( ezberden)
little by little:  gradually ( parça parka)
by means of:  by using ( vasıtasıyla,kullanarak)
by mistake:  accidentally ( kazara,hatayla)
by no means:  not at all ( hiç bir şekilde)
one by one:  one at a time  (sırayla)
by oneself:  alone ( yalnız)
side by side:  beside one another ( yan yana)
by the way:  incidentally (used to introduce an unrelated topic of conversation) ( bu arada, yeri gelmişken)
by word of mouth:  orally ( sözel olarak)

once and for all:  for the last time (e.g. used when giving someone a final warning)  ( son kez)
for certain:  definitely; without doubt ( şüphesiz)
for a change:  for the sake of variety ( değişiklik olsun diye)
for example:  as an illustration ( örnek olarak)
for fun:  for the sake of enjoyment ( eğlence olsun)
for good:  permanently ( temelli, )
for good measure:  in addition to the necessary amount (ek olarak)
for instance:  for example; as an illustration
for keeps:  (colloquial) permanently ( sabit olarak, durmadan,)
for a living:  as a profession ( meslek olarak)
for now:  temporarily ( geçici, şimdilik)
run for office:  compete for an elected position  ( makam için yarışmak)
for one thing:  because of one reason (out of several) ( bir çok nedenden birisini söylerken)
for the sake of:  for the benefit of; for the purpose of ( hatırına,onun için)
for sale:  intended to be sold ( satılık)
for sure:  definitely (more colloquial than for certain) ( kesinlikle)
food for thought:  something which makes one think (düşündürücü şey)
play for time:  delay doing something in the hope that the situation will improve ( ağırdan almak,zaman kazanmak)
for the time being:  until some other arrangement is made ( şimdilik, geçici olarak)
ask for trouble:  act in a dangerous or foolish way ( sataşmak, aranmak)
for a while:  for a period of time ( bir süreliğine)
word for word:  exactly as said or written ( kelimesi kelimesine)

from afar:  from a distance ( uzak mesafeden)
from all sides:  from all directions ( tüm yönlerden)
from head to foot:  (of a person) completely; all over ( baştan aşağıya, tamamen)
from scratch:  from the beginning ( baştan itibaren)
from time to time:  occasionally ( zaman zaman)

in addition to:  as well as ( ek olarak)
in advance:  before ( önceden)
be in agreement with:  have the same opinion as ( aynı fikirde olmak)
in any case:  whatever happens ( her ne olursa)
in brief:  in a few words ( kısaca)
in bulk:  (of goods) in large amounts; not in packages ( büyük miktarlarda)
be in charge of:  have responsibility for (  bir şeyden sorumlu olmak,)
in common:  shared by all members of a group ( ortak olarak, genel)
in control:  having the power to direct something ( control altında)
in the course of:  during ( süresince)
in danger:  likely to be harmed ( zarar görebilir, tehlike altında)
in a daze:  unable to think clearly; confused ( kafası karışık)
in debt:  owing money ( borç içinde)
in demand:  (of goods or persons) desired by many people ( talep ediliyor)
in depth:  (investigate something) thoroughly ( bütünüyle,derinden)
in detail:  (explain something) thoroughly ( detaylı)
in disgrace:  regarded with disapproval because of having done something wrong (gözden düşmüş olmak-be in disgrace)
in the distance:  far away ( uzakta)
in doubt:  uncertain ( şüphede)
in duplicate:  so that there are two identical copies (of a document) ( iki nüsha halinde)
in earnest:  seriously; in a determined way (samimiyetle, ciddi olarak)
in effect:  (of rules) operating ( kurallar için –yürürlükte)
in the end:  finally ( en  sonunda, nihayet)
in fact:  in reality; really ( gerçekte)
in fashion:  fashionable; accepted as being the most desirable and up to date ( moda olmak)
in favor of:  supporting (an idea) ( onun iyiliği için)
in flames:  burning, with visible flames ( alevler içinde)
in a flash:  very quickly; suddenly ( bir anda)
in full:  without omitting anything ( hiç bir şey eksik kalmadan tamamen)
in general:  usually; as a whole ( genel olarak, bütünüyle)
hand in hand:  ( insanlar için el ele olmak)  (of persons)  holding hands;  ( ilgili durumlar için aynı anda meydana gelmek) (of related situations) occurring together
in a hurry:  trying to accomplish something quickly ( aceleyle)
in jest:  as a joke ( şaka olarak)
in kind:  (payment) in goods rather than in money ( takas)
in itself:  without reference to anything else ( bizzat kendisi)
in league with:  ( insanlarla için birlikte olmak özellikle sahtekarlıkta) (of persons) joined together with (usually for a dishonest purpose)
be in the limelight:  be the focus of attention; receive great publicity ( ilgi odağı olmak)
in the long run:  in the end; eventually ( eninde sonunda)
in the long term:  looking ahead to the distant future ( uzun vadede)
leave someone in the lurch:  abandon someone who is in a difficult situation  ( birisini yüzüstü bırakmak)
be in the minority:  be in the smaller of two groups( azınlıkta olmak)
in mint condition:  (of manufactured goods) perfect; brand-new ( gıcır gıcır)
in a minute:  soon ( hemen)
in a moment:  soon; quickly ( çabucak)
set something in motion:  start something going ( bir şeyi başlatmak)
nip something in the bud:  put an end to something before it gets properly started ( bir şeyin önünü almak)
in no time:  very soon; very quickly ( çabucak)
in order of:  arranged according to ( sırasıyla)
in order to:  for the purpose of ( amacıyla)
in part:  to some degree( kısmen,bir dereceye kadar)
in particular:  especially ( özellikle)
in power:  (of a political party) holding office ( iktidarda)
in practice:  able to do something well because of recent practice; in reality (opposite of in theory) ( pratikte,uygulamada)
in print:  (of a book) printed and available from the publisher ( basılı)
in private:  not in front of other people ( şahsen, birebir)
in public:  openly; not in private ( umumi, herkesin önünde)
in reality:  really ( gerçekte)
in reserve:  saved for later use ( reserve, ayrılmış)
in retrospect:  looking back over past events ( geçmişe bakış)
in return for:  as repayment for ( karşılık olarak)
be in the right:  be correct ( haklı olmak)
in season:  (of fruit or vegetables) readily available at that time of year ( mevsiminde)
in a second:  soon; quickly ( hemen, çabucak)
in short supply:  scarce; not easily obtainable ( kıt, yetersiz)
in sight:  able to be seen ( görüş alanı içine, görülebilir)
in stock:  (of goods at a store) present and available ( stokda, mevcut,)
in that case:  if that is true ( eğer öyleyse)
in theory:  ideally; according to theoretical considerations  ( teoride)
be in time:  not be late (vaktinde)
in touch with in:  communication with; informed about ( haberdar olmak,bilgisi olmak)
in triplicate:  so that there are three identical copies (of a document) üç nüsha halinde
be in trouble:  be in a difficult situation; be blamed or punished for doing something wrong (başı belada olmak,)
in tune:  at the correct pitch ( ahenkli)
act in unison:  act together ( birlikte hareket etmek)
in vain:  without success ( boşuna)
in the vicinity of:  near ( yakında)
once in a while:  occasionally ( ara sıra,zaman zaman)
in words of one syllable:  (explain something) clearly and simply ( basit bir anlatımla)
in working order:  able to function properly ( çalışır vaziyette olmak)
in the wrong:  responsible for an error; guilty (kusurlu, kabahatli)

inside out:  with the inner side out; thoroughly ( tersyüz, bütünüyle)

paint oneself into a corner:   ( çıkmaza girmek) take a course of action which greatly narrows one’s future choices of action
go into hiding:  hide oneself ( kendini saklamak)
get into a rut:  get into a fixed and uninteresting way of life ( yaşam ateşinin sönmesi)
get into trouble:  get into a difficult situation; do something deserving blame or punishment ( başını derde sokmak)

of course:  certainly; as one would expect; as everyone knows ( hiç şüphesiz)
hard of hearing:  somewhat deaf ( duymakta zorlanan, ağır işiten)
next of kin:  nearest relative or relatives ( en yakın akraba)
of one’s own accord:  voluntarily; on one’s own initiative ( kendi rızasıyla)
of one’s own free will:  voluntarily; by choice ( gönlüyle, isteyerek)
one’s point of view:  one’s opinion about something ( kişinin bakış açısı)
right of way:  public right to use a path or road; (of road traffic) right to proceed before others ( yol hakkı)
rule of a thumb:  a simple way to calculate what procedure to follow, based on extensive experience, rather than on theoretical considerations ( genel kabul görmüş kural)

go off the air:  (of radio or television) stop broadcasting ( yayına son vermek)
off duty:  not engaged in one’s regular work ( boş,işi yok,izinli)
off one’s hands:  no longer one’s responsibility ( sorumluluğundan gitmiş)
off and on:  from time to time ( zaman zaman)
off the record:  say something privately, that is not to be officially recorded( kayıt dışı)
off the track:  following a wrong line of thought or action ( yanlış yolda)

on account of:  because of ( onun yüzünden)
be on the air:  (of radio or television) be in the process of broadcasting( yayında olmak)
on the alert:  ready to act ( harekete hazır,alarm halinde)
be on all fours:  (of a person) be on hands and knees ( diz ve elleri üstünde yerde)
on the average:  usually; normally ( ortalama olarak,genellikle)
on behalf of:  for; in the interests of ( onun yararına)
on board:  on a ship or airplane ( gemide ya da uçakta,)
on business:  as part of one’s work ( iş icabı)
on condition that:  only if; provided that ( şartıyla)
on demand:  when asked for ( talep olursa)
on display:  being exhibited ( sergide)
on duty:  engaged in one’s regular work ( görevli)
on fire:  burning ( alevler içinde,yanıyor)
to go on foot:  to walk ( yayan)
be on one’s guard:  be alert and ready to meet an attack ( bekçiliğini yapmak)
on hand:  available ( mevcut,edinilebilir)
on loan:  lent and not yet returned ( borç olarak,ödünç olarak)
shoot on location:  (of a movie) film in natural surroundings, not in a studio ( doğal ortamda film çekmek)
on the lookout:  watchful ( dikkatli)
put something on the map:  cause something to become well-known ( güzel bir yer haline getirmek)
get on one’s nerves:  annoy; irritate( kızdırmak)
on no account:  absolutely not ( hiç bir şekilde)
on the one hand:  (used to introduce one side of an argument) ( bir taraftan—tartışma ifadesi)
on one’s own:  alone; without help ( kendi başına)
act on one’s own initiative:  act independently, without orders from anyone else ( içinden gelerek hareket etmek)
on order:  requested but not yet delivered ( sipariş edilmiş ama gelmemiş)
on the other hand:  (used to introduce a contrasting side of an argument) ( diğer taraftan—tartışma ifadesi)
act on principle:  do something to support a policy ( prensiple hareket etmek)
on purpose:  deliberately ( bilerek)
go on record:  say something which is to be officially recorded ( kayıt altında)
on sale:  being sold at a lower price than usual ( düşük fiyatla satışta)
on schedule:  at the correct time; as planned or predicted (tam zamanında)
on second thoughts:  after thinking further about something ( iyice düşününce)
on a shoestring:  with a very small amount of money ( çok az bir parayla)
be on the spot:  be where important events are taking place; be placed in an awkward situation ( olay yerinde)
on the spur of the moment:  on a sudden impulse ( ani bir dürtüyle)
go off on a tangent:  change suddenly to a new line of thought or action (konuyu saptırmak)
on time:  at the correct time (doğru zamanda)
walk on tiptoe:  walk on the toes and balls of the feet (ayakucuyla yürümek)
accept something on trust:  accept something without proof ( delilsiz kabullenmek)
on the verge of:  very close to; about to ( tam olmak üzere)
on the whole:  taking everything into consideration ( bütünüyle)