Out of
out of the blue:  unexpectedly ( Hiç beklenmedik bir şekilde)
out of breath:  (after running) panting from a shortage of oxygen ( nefessiz kalmak)
out of character:  unlike a person’s known character ( karakterine aykırı)
out of control:  not able to be regulated or guided (control edilemez)
out of danger:  safe (güvenli)
out of date:  no longer used; old-fashioned; (of news) no longer true ( tarihi geçmiş,eski moda)
out of debt:  having paid one’s debts ( borcu olmamak)
be out of one’s depth:  be unable to handle a situation because of lack of experience ( tecrübesiz)
out of doors:  in the open air; not in a building ( açık havada)
out of fashion:  not fashionable; not presently in common use ( demode)
out of hand:  not under control ( control dışı)
out of harm’s way:  safe (güvenli)
out of line with:  in disagreement with ( anlaşamamak)
be out of one’s mind:  be insane ( delirmek)
out of order:  not functioning properly; (at a formal meeting) not behaving according to the rules ( bozuk)
out of the ordinary:  unusual ( sıradışı)
out of place:  unsuitable ( uygun değil)
out of practice:  unable to do something as well as one has in past, because of lack of recent practice                 ( antremansız)
out of print:  (of a book) no longer available from the publisher ( basılı değil)
out of proportion:  too big or too small; not having the appropriate relationship to something ( orantısız)
out of the question:  impossible; not to be considered ( imkansızi sözü bile edilemez)
out of season:  (of fruit or vegetables) not readily available at that time of year ( mevsiminde değil)
out of shape:  (of persons) not in top condition because of lack of exercise (formsuz)
out of sight:  hidden, not able to be seen ( görünmüyor,saklı)
out of stock:  (of goods at a store) temporarily unavailable ( stokda yok)
out of style:  not fashionable ( demode)
out of touch:  with not in communication with; not informed about ( temassız,iletişimsiz)
out of town:  having temporarily left town ( şehir dışında)
out of trouble:  not in trouble ( sorunsuz)
out of tune:  not at the correct pitch ( detone)
out of work:  no longer having employment ( işsiz)

to all intents and purposes:  in all important ways ( hangi açıdan bakılırsa bakılsın)
to a certain extent:  partly ( bir dereceye kadar)
to date:  so far; until now ( şu ana kadar)
up to date:  current; modern ( güncel)
see eye to eye with:  agree entirely with ( aynı fikirde olmak)
take something to heart:  be much affected by something ( çok etkilenmek)
made to measure:  exactly suitable; (of clothes) made for a certain person ( tıpa tıp uymuş)
keep something to oneself:  not tell anyone ( kendine saklamak)
to the point:  relevant ( tam yerinde)


under age:  below the age of being legally permitted to do something ( reşit olmayan)
be under arrest:  be held prisoner and charged with wrongdoing ( tutuklu)
under the auspices of:  with the patronage of; supported by ( himayesi altında)
under one’s breath:  in a whisper ( fısıltıyla)
under the circumstances:  because this is true (öyle ise, hal böyle olunca, bu şartlar altında)
under consideration:  being thought about ( gözden geçiriliyor)
under control:  able to be regulated or guided ( kontrol altında)
under cover of:  protected by; undetected because of ( himayesi altında, perdesi altında)
under fire:  being shot at; being criticized ( eleştirilere hedef, ateş altında)
under the impression that:  having the idea that  (öyle geliyor ki ..)
be under the influence of:  be affected by ( etki altında)
be under oath:  have sworn to tell the truth (yemin altında)
under observation:  being watched carefully ( gözetim altında)
under restraint:  prevented from doing something ( kısıtlanmış)

have something up one’s sleeve:  have a secret idea or plan in reserve ( gizli bir kozu,planı olmak)

with impunity:  without risk of injury or punishment ( fütursuzca)
with the naked eye:  without using a magnifying lens ( çıplak gözle)
with no strings attached:  (of help given) with no conditions; to be used freely ( şartsız)
take with a pinch of salt:  not believe completely ( şüpheyle yaklaşmak)
with regard to:  concerning; about ( -e binaen, -e gelince, ilişkin)
with respect to:  concerning; about (  -e gelince, -e göre,)
tarred with the same brush:  having the same faults (al birini vur ötekine)
with a vengeance:  very much; more than usual ( alabildiğine, adamakıllı)

within limits:  to a certain extent; not too much ( sınırlı)
within living memory:  within the memory of people now alive (henüz hafızalarda taze)

go without saying:  be obvious ( söylemeye lüzum yok, aşikar