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Olumlu Cümle  (+)

Özne     +  must  Fiil + Nesne

Subject  + must  Verb + Object

I   must    work    hard

You  must    learn    well

We  must    come   together

They    must    drive    faster

He   must    tell       us

She      must    come   with us

It must    work    regularly

Olumsuz Cümle  (-)

Özne     +  mustn’t  Fiil + Nesne

Subject  + mustn’t  Verb + Object

I mustn’t  smoke

You     mustn’t  smoke

We mustn’t smoke

They    mustn’t smoke

He  mustn’t       smoke

She  mustn’t    smoke

It  mustn’t    smoke

Soru Cümlesi (?+)

Must  Özne     + Fiil + Nesne

Must  Subject  + Verb + Object

Must  I            study    harder            ?

Must  You      explain    better           ?

Must  We        come    together          ?

Must  They     come    with us           ?

Must  He         study    German          ?

Must  She        study    Turkish          ?

Must  It                       work?

Wh – Soruları

  • What must you do?

I must tell him everything.

  • Where must you go for the application?

I must go to Ankara for the application.

  • Whom must you phone?

I must phone Mr. Smith.

  • Who must work at Night Shift today?

Mr. Green must work.

  • How must he come here?

He must come fast.




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