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SCRATCH Programming // Websites , Resources, Books , Videos and Picoboard.

English: Scratch Cat
English: Scratch Cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SCRATCH  Programming                                  5/16/2012

Websites , Resources, Books , Videos and Picoboard.



CS4HS – Computer Science for High Schools

Information from College of St. Scholastica



Cultivating computational thinking and computational creativity in the classroom



Main page from MIT


Newest Version 1.4 (For Windows, Mac and Ubuntu)

Older Version 1.3.1 and 1.2.1 (Version 1.2.1 is compatible with Windows 98)

Projects Galleries

Support (Has information about using Scratch Sensor Board and Lego We-Do robotic kit)

Login or Signup for an account


Getting Started with Scratch

From MIT

  1. Download
  2. Install and launch Scratch
  3. First Project (Getting started guide – See Resources , it is a PDF Files)
  4. Sign up for an account on the Website.
  5. Share projects
  6. Check your projects
  7. Download others projects and see their code


Google CS4HS – Computer Science for High School

(Information about CS4HS from Google)


CS4HS (University of Northern Iowa)

Lecture Videos


Learn how to use Scratch.

Video courses (74 lessons) in English and Spanish

Resources with Lesson Plans

Lot of resources:

Books for Teaching Computer Programming

How to teach children programming

Teach kids Alice, Greenfoot, Python, Jave and Reblox. Programming.


Scratch Projects
Lesson plan

Download Scratch CD


Videos showing how to make different projects


Scratch Programming;

Angry Birds, Pong-Style game, Race Car, Etch-a-Sketch.

Lego We-Do and Scratch with videos showing what the kits can do.


Scratch Forum



Online community where Scratch educators can:

Share stories, exchange resources, ask questions find people.


Nebo Elementary School, Department of Fine Arts

37 projects with codes and step by step instructions


Project ViSA Modules – Visualization and SimulationAcademy  Home Scratch page


Scratch Tutorial

Scratch 2.0 Update


Scratch How-to

Connect a PicoBoard on Linux

Run Scratch from Flash Drives

Animated Dragon in Scratch




Getting started with Scratch

Version 1.4  (PDF file, 14 pages)


Resources (PDF file, 5 pages)

Ideas, approaches, and activities for cultivating computational thinking and computational creativity in your classroom





Scratch Lesson 1 of 10

Youtube videos

Search ” Scratch programming” to find more Scratch Youtube videos


In Youtube

In the search block type “Scratch Programming” and look at all the options that show.





Scratch Programming for Teens

Jerry Lee Ford.           June 25, 2005.

ISBN-10: 1598635360          ISBN-13: 978-159-8635362


Scratch 1.4: Beginner’s Guide

Michael Badger.         July 17, 2009.

ISBN-10: 1847196764          ISBN-13: 978-1847196767


Learning to Scratch: A beginners guide to programming with Scratch 1.4

Tannis Calder.                        March 27, 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0981158723


Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program By Making Cool Games

The Lead Project.       July 30, 2012

ISBN-10: 1593274092          ISBN-13: 978-1593274092





Scratch: Programming for All

Article in “Communications of the ACM”,| november 2009

Scratch: Programming for Everyone





What is a Picoboard


Connect real-world sensor to your Scratch projects

Buy a PicoBoard

Set up your Picoboard

Getting started


Scratch – MIT

Connect real-world sensors to your Scratch Projects




Eagle Files


Product Page

Scratch Homepage

Getting Started

PicoBoard Setup



The PicoBoard



Scratch User Guide: Connecting & Using a Picoboard with Scratch



Getting started with the Picoboard



Search Scratch Picoboard in Youtube

Extending Scratch with Picoboards


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