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1-        I didn’t ………….. the raised paving stone In time, and as a result, I tripped over it and fell flat on my face!


A) grasp                        B) soothe                                C) spot

D) crash                        E) squeeze


2-        The postman called with a great big parcel for Rebecca. It contained three new dresses that she had ordered. She usually takes ………….. of new clothes in this way.


A) pleasure                   B) pride                  C) settlement

D) resentment               E) delivery


3-        Graham’s car was in need of a complete …………. and he was worried that having everything replaced was going to cost him a lot of money.


A) maintenance             B) exaggeration      C) estimation

D) overhaul                   E) recovery


4-        Carl Walenda, the great tightrope walker, balanced ………….. over Niagara Falls. Had he looked down, he would have seen a three hundred-foot drop to the thundering water below!


A) daringly                   B) fatally                 C) partially

D) highly                      E) pleasantly


5-        The water in the pond in our back garden hasn’t been replaced for months, and has therefore become ……….. . The water smells horrible, and we’ll have to do something about it.


A) hesitant                    B) opaque               C) permanent

D) stagnant                   E) temporary


6-        We pleaded with the driver to let us on the last bus out of town. We were desperate, as we had no money for a taxi. Luckily, he was …………… and let us on.


A) nasty                       B) merciful             C) efficient

D) fortunate                  E) qualified


7-        We had to give some of our butter away when we inadvertently bought too much. Still, it is better to have a/an ………….. rather than have none at all.


A) deficiency                 B) additive              C) surplus

D) density                     E) access


8-        Bert was in trouble when a policeman stopped him for ………….. the speed limit.  “I was only going at ten miles-an-hour over the limit,” he pleaded.


A) exceeding                 B) maintaining        C) obeying

D) lessening                  E) competing


9-        In most countries, the ………… of lessons is forty minutes at elementary schools, but fifty in high schools, because students can concentrate for longer periods of time as they grow older.


A) percentage                                B) discipline           C) motivation

D) capability                  E) duration


10-     The only ………….. to having the Whites as next door neighbours is that they occasionally play their music too loud; otherwise, they are very nice people.


A) pleasure                   B) drawback           C) consideration

D) comment                  E) possibility



11-     It is ………. that Mr Brown arrives on time. If he is late, then all our plans will be ruined.


A) hesitating                 B) regretful             C) considerable

D) essential                   E) experimental


12-     Every month, Fred visits the cemetery in Blackpool, because his wife is ……….. there and he likes to put flowers on her grave.


A) buried                      B) covered              C) dug

D) contracted                                E) isolated


13-     Though it felt as if it would go on forever, winter ………… ended and spring arrived.


A) barely                       B) deliberately        C) allegedly

D) regretfully                E) eventually


14-     “Although travel insurance is ………….. and you don’t have to have it, I strongly recommend it,” the travel agent advised to us.


A) compulsory              B) permissible        C) optional

D) decisive                    E) inevitable


15-     When Arnie fell over, he landed heavily on his wrist. At first it was so painful that he thought it was broken. However, X-rays showed that he had only …………. it.


A) sprained                   B) broiled                               C) operated

D) disguised                 E) folded


16-     “It will take a long time to repair the damage done by the previous government,” announced the incoming president. “However, ………… we will have this country back on its feet.”


A) formerly                  B) ultimately           C) shamefully

D) frequently                                E) continually


17-     It used to be impossible for me to get to sleep because of the next door neighbour’s dog barking incessantly. Now it only happens …………. but even now-and-again, it is still irritating.


A) regularly                   B) supposedly        C) desperately

D) occasionally             E) noticeably


18-     My passport ran out last month, and I had to get a new one. The new one is ………….. for ten years and runs out in 2O08.


A) disused                     B) allowable           C) valid

D) practical                    E) realistic

19-     The burglar was being ………… by the police when he ran out in front of a car.


A) conducted                B) chased                               C) disguised

D) performed                                E) noticed


20-     Oxygen in the air is ………… to the survival of mankind. If it weren’t present, then we would all die.

A) familiar                    B) abundant            C) vague

D) satisfactory              E) vital


21-     It was a horrible accident, and the force of the ………… sent Martha’s head through the windscreen.

A) collision                   B) confession         C) conclusion

D) confusion                 E) consultation

22-     People buy mountain spring water for its ……….. because its sources are generally free of contaminants.


A) competence              B) deficiency          C) softness

D) purity                       E) attention


23-     The rapid …………. in the company’s volume of business forced them to make some of the workers redundant.


A) upturn                      B) expansion          C) tendency

D) decline                     E) inclination


24-     At the end of the messy divorce proceedings, the waning couple finally managed to reach a/an  ………….. settlement. “It is good to see an agreeable end to things,” commented the magistrate.


A) hostile                     B) amicable             C) dazzling

D) nasty                       E) ambitious


25-     Everyone on board the plane was expecting a rough landing because of the heavy winds. However, they were relieved that the pilot managed to land the plane ……….. .


A) smoothly                  B) ultimately           C) gratefully

D) presently                  E) silently


26-     The head office was severely understaffed because of the ‘flu bug’ that was going around. In fact, the manager couldn’t remember the last time that numbers had been so ……….. .


A) extended                  B) inflated               C) depleted

D) offended                  E) acquired


27-     Peter was surprised that his designs were accepted by the fabric company. “I’d only …………. sketched them and was about to do them properly when the company representative saw them,” he explained.


A) entirely                    B) seemingly          C) barely

D) moderately                              E) roughly


28-     Wendy was very grateful for all that Sarah had done for her. To show her how much she ……….. it, she bought her a big bunch of Sowers.


A) demonstrated           B) observed            C) resented

D) appreciated              E) applauded


29-     Fred felt totally ………… when the other children began to tease and embarrass him in the playground.


A) involved                   B) humiliated          C) adjusted

D) dedicated                  E) evaluated


30-     “We will have to stop sending food into the hi-jackers,” said the police spokesman. “By ……….. them of it, we will drive them out sooner.”


A) containing                              B) aiding                 C) depriving

D) demolishing            E) consisting


31-     Though she was too shy to actually say anything, Florence tried to ………. that she was tired and ready to go home by constantly yawning and looking at her watch.


A) conceal                     B) demand              C) Insist

D) refute                       E) hint




32-     The only way we can rid our apartment of cockroaches is to ………….. all of them. If we leave two alive, then they will soon breed and re-infest our place.


A) invade                      B) extinguish          C) exterminate

D) descend                    E) oppress


33-     Gordon always closed the doors and windows ……… when he left the office, yet his office was still burgled last month.


A) loosely                     B) defensively        C) securely

D) reluctantly                E) sensitively


34-     The type in my Compact Oxford English Dictionary is so small that you need to ………… it ten times to be able to read it.


A) multiply                   B) underline            C) highlight

D) magnify                   E) concentrate


35-     It seemed rather ……….. at the time, but the new air conditioner paid for itself in the first summer because it was so energy-efficient.


A) cooling                    B) costly                 C) thrifty

D) obsolete                   E) extensive


36-     The scene of the bomb blast was one of almost total……… . There was hardly a building left standing within a 300-yard area.


A) destruction              B) intensity             C) uprising

D) adequacy                 E) exhaustion


37-     When the famous couple decided to split up, they decided to do it ………… rather than secretly. They thought that, if everyone knew what was happening, nobody would press them for information.


A) drastically                B) spitefully            C) sufficiently

D) publicly                    E) bewilderingly


38-     Though often laughed at by doctors, chicken soup remains a popular ……. for colds.


A) ailment                     B) feast                   C) remedy

D) content                     E) coincidence


39-     Kerry realises that she is ………….. to Nora because she saved her from drowning. In fact, she owes her more than it is actually possible to repay.


A) dreaded                   B) familiarised    C) acknowledged

D) charged                   E) indebted


40-     Simon was worried about the ………… of the aid workers in Africa.  “I have serious doubts about their safety,” he explained.


A) temperature             B) jeopardy             C) climate

D) exhaustion              E) welfare


41-     I usually find that I either can’t remember my dreams or that they are very vague. However, last night’s was very ………….. and I can remember all of it.


A) hesitant                   B) vivid                  C) valid

D) reluctant                  E) radical





42-     Oh, don’t pick the pieces of broken glass up by hand. Fetch the broom from the bathroom, and ……… them up with it.


A) sweep                     B) rush                   C) blow

D) compile                   E) accumulate


43-     The baseball team had won Its last ten matches and was full of ………….. going into the eleventh. However, the feeling of self assurance proved to be their downfall and they lost it.


A) nervousness             B) provision           C) hesitation

D) negligence                E) confidence


44-     Veronica loves listening to other people’s conversations.  She can’t help it — it’s just her natural …………. I’m afraid!


A) curiosity                   B) reverence           C) credibility

D) creation                    E) suspicion


45-     He spoke convincingly for over an hour, bringing in many examples to …………… his point.


A) renovate                   B) renew                 C) reinforce

D) rectify                       E) relate


46-     I think her ………….. to succeed will help her overcome all obstacles.


A) sensation                 B) reliability            C) wisdom

D) determination           E) fulfillment


47-     I’ve borrowed this skirt from Sally for the party, but it doesn’t………….. me properly. It is far too big.


A) improve                    B) suit                     C) admit

D) omit                          E)fit


48-     There was a big uproar when Luton Town began to play their matches on …………. grass. People said that if every other team played on real grass, why should Luton Town be any different?


A) actual                       B) artificial              C) fresh

D) immense                  E) enormous


49-     The weather in England this February was very ……….. . The average temperature for the time of year is 6°C, but this year it was more like 14°C!


A) harsh                        B) medium              C) mild

D) freezing                                    E) extreme

50-     The government in many far-eastern countries are very ………. . They plunder the resources for their own gain and have little regard to the welfare of their people.


A) seeming                    B) pleasant              C) wasteful

D) corrupt                     E) tense


51-     “I hope we have ………….. weather for our holiday this year,” said Michelle. “Last year it didn’t stop raining all fortnight.”


A) soothing                  B) decent                C) sufficient

D) affluent                    E) cautious


52-     When we were out walking, it suddenly began to pour with rain, so we decided to take …………. in an old derelict house.

A) refuse                      B) revenge              C) escape

D) shelter                     E) denial

53-     They attribute their success to a/an ………….. of luck and hard work.


A) combination             B) announcement    C) reduction

D) approximation          E) concentration


54-     The first part of the puzzle was very easy. However, the second part proved to be very …………. and I failed to complete it.


A) brief                        B) tricky                 C) vast

D) obvious                   E) casual


55-     After discovering that Cecilia would never be able to have children, she and Tom decided to ………… a child through an agency devoted to helping orphans.


A) adopt                       B) adapt                  C) plead

D) rear                         E) appeal


56-     Only people with a great deal of ………….. can afford apartments in the new marina complex. They are very expensive and are out of the price range of most people.


A) wealth                      B) complexity         C) anticipation

D) tolerance                  E) sense


57-     Louise Woodward found it difficult to believe that she was standing in front of the judge ………….. with murdering a young child. She vehemently denied the accusation.


A) motivated                 B) hesitated             C) acquired

D) charged                    E) cheated


58-     There was a long list of things that Jeannine had to do when she moved into her new flat. Her …………. however, was to get the electricity connected. Without it she couldn’t achieve many other things on the list.


A) necessity                 B) power                C) recognition

D) payment                  E) priority


59-     On Valentine’s day, February 14th, it is customary to send cards ………… . That way, recipients know that they have an admirer but they don’t know who it is!


A) unfolded                 B) unfastened         C) unanswered

D) unsigned                 E) unpacked


60-     There were far too many mistakes in Liz’s latest essay because she had been in a rush and had written it……….. .


A) superficially            B) peacefully          C) hurriedly

D) extensively             E) tastelessly



I. C    2. E   3-D  4. A   5. D   6. B   7. C   8. A   9. E   10.B

II.D   12.A  13.E  14.C  15.A  16.B  17.D  18.C  19.B  20.E

21.A  22.D  23.D  24.B  25.A  26.C  27.E  28.D  29.B  30.C

31.E  32.C  33.C  34.D  35.B  36.A  37.D  38.C  39.E  40.E

41.B  42.A  43.E  44.A  45.C  46.D  47.E  48.B  49.C  5O.D

51.B  52.D  53.A  54.B  55.A  56.A  57.D  58.E  59.D  60.C



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