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1-               The old apartheid system of South Africa was based on ……….. against races and caused black and white people to have very different standards of living.


A) discrimination        B) brotherhood       C) liberty

D) kinship                   E) democracy


2-               Their basement flat has poor air circulation and is in a rainy area, so it is always cold and ………. .


A) dim                        B) damp                  C) foggy

D) steamy                   E) stormy


3-               Cheese can be made from the milk of cows or, ………… from that of sheep, and both are quite popular.


A) alternatively           B) subsequently      C) approximately

D) alternately              E) conditionally


4-               The final stage in becoming an American citizen requires most applicants to ……….. they will be faithful citizens and renounce allegiance to their previous governments.


A) suppose                               B) suggest              C) figure

D) devote                                E) declare


5-               Though my friend Dimitros claims that Greek ouzo is better than Turkish raki, to me, the difference is ……….. as I can’t tell the two apart.


A) regrettable             B) noticeable           C) negligible

D) distinctive             E) obvious


6-               We can ………. that the coach will leave from the town hall at nine thirty, but all the other details will be sent to you next week.


A) choose                  B) discover             C) confirm

D) refute                    E) encourage


7-               Before World War U, the German Reichmark became so ……….. that it cost nearly one billion to send a letter.


A) invaluable              B) priceless             C) expensive

D) worthless                              E) stable


8-               I really doubt the ……….. of these research results. How could smoking cigarettes improve a person’s intelligence?


A) efficiency                              B) creativity            C) viability

D) suitability                              E) validity


9-               Because they were too far away to be seen, the Commanche chief followed the ……….. of his enemies across the desert and from looking at them, could tell how many people and horses were in the group.


A) pulses                    B) footprints           C) heartbeats

D) fingertips                              E) handshakes


10-            Paul’s description of bis step-mother as a seven-foot tall monster with no heart is a complete ………. of reality as she is, in fact, a gentle-natured lady of small physical build.


A) vision                    B) conversation      C) falsehood

D) distortion                              E) depiction







11-             In order to solve environmental problems, first, an effort must be made to increase ……….. of the problem as many people don’t even consider its consequences.


A) broadcast              B) information        C) loudness

D) unconsciousness  E) awareness


12-            The current economic crisis affecting Asia ………… a threat to the stability of the Indonesian government.


A).offers                   B) awards                               C) perceives

D) solves                   E) poses


13-            After the recent nuclear tests, most of the world would like to impose a/an ……….. preventing Pakistan and India from exploding any more atomic bombs.


A) allowance               B) promise              C) ban

D) agreement              E) treaty


14-            A few years ago, a/an ……….. of the Beatles’ best music was released. It included sounds from albums that had been recorded throughout the life of the band.


A) continuation           B) compilation        C) auction

D) delicacy                 E) manufacture


15-            After seeing how miserable they looked crowded into their cages at the zoo, Jules wanted to ……….. all of the animals and give them their freedom.


A) release                   B) capture               C) captivate

D) train                       E) relate


16-            Her father ……….. turned down her request to go to the party and he sounded as if nothing could persuade him to change his mind.


A) firmly                    B) formerly             C) wearily

D) conditionally         E) doubtfully


17-            Sue agreed to allow her flatmates to have a party so that they wouldn’t feel ……….. towards her and make her life difficult in the future.


A) obliged                  B) hopeless             C) destructive

D) depressed              E) resentful


18-            Realising that his neighbours would never know how much their children teased his dog unless he informed them. Peter decided to ………. them about it.


A) discuss                 B) complain            C) congratulate

D) confront                               E) investigate


19-            Despite arriving a little late for the funeral and missing the prayers, I was In time for the ……….. and was able to see Oliver put In the ground.


A) carriage                B) digging              C) burial

D) service                  E) trench


20-            I wish I could visit my mother in Guatemala, but since my passport’s ………… I can’t go anywhere until I get a new one.


A) wrinkled                                B) obliged                              C) expired

D) maintained             E) Inclined






21-            Though atomic bombs are dangerous, the ……….. waste they leave behind Is actually a bigger problem since it can make a place unsafe for thousands of years.


A) hazardous             B) patterned            C) domestic

D) harmless                              E) accurate


22-            The long hours of practice had been worth it as the musician gave a ……… performance of Grieg’s Peer Gynt, never missing a note.


A) mediocre                               B) colourful            C) theatrical

D) flawless                E) secure


23-            Our reservation at the hotel was only for ten days, but we were having such a great time that we decided to ……….. our stay to two weeks.


A) defend                   B) extend                                C) enforce

D) postpone                               E) imply


24-            Since cigarettes were banned on the flight, we had to ……….. from smoking for the entire twelve hours of the journey.


A) continue                               B) dread                  C) refrain

D) behave                  E) desire


25-            Most of my family were penniless peasants in Europe; however, one ………… my mother’s grandfather, went to America with enough  money to start a business.


A) descendant            B) hostage              C) volunteer

D) Immigrant             E) ancestor


26-            When Sandy graduated from university at the age of 30, she felt a sense of ……….. because she had wanted this degree more than anything else.


A) moderation            B) longing              C) requirement

D) fulfilment              E) Intensity


27-            As a foreigner, I sometimes find it difficult to ……….. with the customs of this country because I don’t know what they are.


A) Ignore                  B) reply                  C) comply

D) react                     E) deny


28-            A mythical figure known to children as ‘The Sandman’, who came at night and threw sand in their eyes if they stayed awake, provided the ………. for E.TJV. Hoffman’s tale of the same name.


A) Inspiration            B) equipment          C) allegation

D) confidence            E) action


29-            The ……… of the river is the narrowest at this point, so we can swim to the other side.


A) weight                  B) height                 C) length

D) depth                    E)width


30-            There was a small stone building with a fireplace halfway up the hillside, where the shepherds would shelter during ……….. weather.


A) shady                   B) adverse              C) sensible

D) trembling              E) covered


31-            According to the UN’s ………… the world’s population will soon reach ten billion.


A) decision                 B) condition            C) prophecy

D) prediction              E) ideology

32-            The people at the party were a very ……….. group. I met at least one person from each continent.


A) diverse                                 B) divided    C) monotonous

D) concrete                 E) distant


33-            Many of the artists and intellectuals who fled Nazi Germany felt ………. in their new homes as they were unfamiliar with the language, customs and audiences.


A)  encouraged           B) alienated             C) employed

D) excited                   E) embraced


34-            Though I studied literature at university, I don’t know much about ……….. authors since my speciality was the Middle Ages.


A) medieval                               B) local                   C) well-known

D) literal                     E) contemporary


35-            His heart stopped beating for a second, yet the doctors managed to ……….. the boy and bring him back to life.


A) verify                   B) satisfy                                C) revive

D) survive                 E) repair


36-            Rich people often ……….. large sums of money to universities on the condition that something is named after them.


A) borrow                 B) extort                 C) relate

D) donate                  E) gain


37-            In each lesson, the teacher tends to ……….. on one particular grammar point and spend most of the class time on it.


A) accelerate      B) focus                               C) discuss

D) explain                   E) instruct


38-            Because of the government’s failure to distribute food supplies properly, residents in the disaster area have ………. to stealing provisions from local stores in order to survive.


A) promised               B) resorted              C) concealed

D) expanded               E) supported


39-            Teflon bullets are banned in America because they can ……….. almost anything, including the police’s bullet-proof vests and even some armoured cars.


A) extract                   B) murder               C) explode

D) penetrate               E) injure


40-            This knife isn’t even ………. enough to cut a tomato.


A) shiny                     B) smooth               C) blunt

D) pointed                  E) sharp


41-            Nobody knows what happened to the colony at Roanoke. All of the settlers seemed to ……….. and none of them were ever seen or heard from again.


A) confine                 B) domesticate        C) suspend

D) surrender              E) vanish


42-            Car alarms are designed to ……….. thieves by scaring them away from cars, but in reality, they simply keep neighbours awake.


A) decline                  B) deter                   C) surround

D) refer                     E) locate


43-            Despite putting up stiff ……….. and keeping the Ottomans out for over a hundred years, the Byzantines finally lost Constantinople on May 29, 1453.


A) encouragement     B) disarmament      C) resistance

D) confrontation       E) retreat


44-            Edgar Alien Poe was a very ……….. writer who thought up many original story lines and even invented a couple of types of fiction.


A) superstitious          B) conscientious     C) repetitious

D) Imaginative            E) voluntary


45-            Since it’s nearly impossible to ……….. all of the information presented in a normal university lecture, it’s a good idea to take notes or maybe even record it on audio tape.


A) absorb                   B) adore                  C) overstate

D) include                  E) ignore


46-            There have been so many changes in the last ……….. that it’s quite difficult to remember what life was like ten years ago.


A) decade                   B) millennium         C) century

D) episode                 E) fortnight


47-            The Internet is a very fast means of communication as letters arrive at their destination almost ………… unlike the weeks a traditional letter can take.


A) utterly                   B) presently            C) finally

D) directly                  E) instantly


48-            One of the biggest expenses for most countries is the cost of an army to ……….. itself from hostile neighbours.


A) offend                     B) impress            C) repel

D) defend                  E) intimidate


49-            Some police officers in that country are said to be very corrupt and any crime can easily be forgiven for the price of a small ………. .


A) ransom                 B) bribe                  C) fare

D) donation                               E) wage


50-            Though many have been turned out to be aeroplanes or satellites, some UFOs are of ……….. origin and are truly unidentified.


A) exhaustive             B) natural                               C) Inexplicable

D) arbitrary                 E) ordinary


51-            The United States underwent a period of territorial……….. from 1783, when the war with Britain ended, to 19OO, when it acquired Hawaii and reached its present size.


A) shrinkage                              B) expansion          C) shortage

D) structure                E) contraction


52-            Though English spelling can seem completely ……….. and bound by no rules, there is actually a reason behind each word’s current form.


A) structural              B) optional              C) compulsory

D) arbitrary                               E) aimless





53-            Most of the community ………. him because they know he is dishonest, deceitful and callous, so it is hard to understand how he ever became governor.


A) admire                   B) deprive                              C) disgust

D) despise                  E) enhance


54-            The box was too heavy to lift, so we had to ……….. it across the floor by tying a rope around it and pulling it.


A) hold                      B) throw                 C) drag

D) trap                       E) flow


55-            It wasn’t ……….. that Adam had to pay the whole bill at the cafe simply because he was the last to leave. His friends should have paid their share.


A) fair                       B) real                     C) generous

D) dear                      E) even


56-            When Martha was made redundant from the T-shirt factory, she decided to use her sewing machine skills by starting her own business doing clothing ………. for people, like adjusting skirt and trousers lengths and so on.


A) regulations             B) enhancements    C) choices

D) designs                  E) alterations


57-            The family drove to the Thames River, spread their blanket on the ………… right next to the water, and had a picnic.


A) puddle                   B) surface               C) bank

D) coast                      E) bottom


58-            I really wish Tony wouldn’t wear so much cheap cologne as the ……….. lingers in the room for hours after he leaves.


A) idea                                     B) image                              C) trace

D) odour                   E) brand


59-            The admission price to that disco makes it a very ……….. club since only quite wealthy people can afford to go there.


A) exclusive               B) alternative          C) numerous

D) classical                E) sincere


60-                     Despite the beautiful views from the balcony, the noise of the traffic was so ……….. that Edward couldn’t stand it any more and had to move out of his flat.


A) inadequate              B) unbearable          C) melodious

D) irregular                      E) congested


61-            You must be careful when arranging dried flowers because they can be quite ……….. and, thus, are easily damaged.


A) pickled                 B) delicate               C) venomous

D) weak                    E) fatigued


62-            When I bought the book, I asked the shop assistant to ……….. it because it was a gift for my friend.


A) reveal                   B) hide                    C) fold

D) cover                    E) wrap


63-            The ……….. of waste is usually a big problem for large cities because there are so many people and not enough space to put their rubbish.

A) collection               B) distribution        C) composition

D) disposal                 E) refusal

64-            Twice a year, the directors ……….. the teachers to see if they are doing a good job.


A) equalise                                B) evaluate              C) persecute

D) release                  E) educate


65-            The police arrested Jeff when they found the stolen painting at his house, and they ……….. him with theft.


A) alerted                  B) revealed             C) reminded

D) charged                E) accused

66-            The building was ……….. damaged in the earthquake, so it couldn’t be repaired and had to be torn down.


A) essentially             B) exclusively         C) vaguely

D) allegedly                               E) extensively


67-            Proper ……….. of a car, such as changing its oil and keeping the engine clean, will extend its life by many years.


A) maintenance          B) renovation          C) guidance

D) repair                    E) decoration


68-            In the early part of this century, there was complete ……….. of the sale of alcohol in the USA — it was illegal even to have a can of beer.


A) abundance            B) prohibition         C) taxation

D) disapproval           E) shortage


69-            In the story, the Sultan took ………. for his wife’s betrayal not only on his wife, by executing her, but on all women, by taking a new wife each night and executing her In the morning.


A) reason                    B) spite                   C) revenge

D) grief                       E) hatred


70-            Near the village of Olimpos In southern Turkey, there are ……….. flames on the mountain. They’ve been burning forever, as far as anybody knows.


A) extinguished          B) distinguished     C) temporary

D) eternal                   E) itinerant


71-            I was sorry to have to fire him because he was such a nice person, but his work just was not………..


A) satisfactory            B) distracting          C) occasional

D) sensational            E) gradual


72-            When water Is cooled to 0°C, it changes from a liquid to a/an ……….. which we call ice.


A) beverage                               B) gas                     C) solid

D) solvent                  E) element


73-            Despite the government’s efforts to ……….. the crisis, it quickly led to violent protests, which grew into riots.


A) inflate                   B) oppress              C) curtail

D) Incite                    E) resolve


74-            The Sultan of Brunei enjoys quite a/an ……….. lifestyle which Includes every possible luxury and costs billions of pounds to maintain.


A) elaborate                               B) miserly               C) extensive

D) extravagant           E) intricate



75-            Interstate Highway 80 starts in New York, passes through Chicago, crosses the Great Plains and climbs the Rocky Mountains before ……….. terminating in San Francisco.


A) Initially                  B) joyfully                              C) ultimately

D) prematurely           E) briefly


76-            She is very ………. with the pet cat her parents bought her, always cuddling and playing with it.


A) vicious                  B) spiteful                              C) affectionate

D) vigorous                               E) demanding


77-            Often called a wonder drug because of its many uses, aspirin does have a few ……….. side effects such as the potential to cause stomach ulcers.


A) priceless                                B) undesirable        C) superior

D) helpless                 E) creative


78-            In the 1980s, the USA decided to ……….. Panama, so it sent tens of thousands of soldiers to the Central American country,


A) celebrate                               B) interrupt             C) deter

D) explode                 E) invade


79-            Many people believe that the pop star shouldn’t have to ……….. military training, but I disagree.


A) enjoy                    B) request                               C) demand

D) select                    E) undergo


8O-   Vaccinations can give people a/an ……….. to various diseases

so that they can visit infected areas and not come down with the disease.


A) immunity                               B) defense              C) tendency

D) sample                    E) choice


81-     In order to park in that parking lot. you must buy a ticket

and ……….. it so that the parking attendant can see that you’ve paid.


A) conceal                  B) sign                    C) mount

D) display                   E) illuminate


82-            The water in the pool was so ……….. that when Peter dived in, he broke his neck on the bottom.


A) reviving                               B) shallow   C) filthy

D) narrow                  E) stagnant


83-            The ……….. of the new invention is what makes it so popular. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of complicated instructions.


A) consumption         B) purchase            C) simplicity

D) usefulness             E) novelty


84-            While the World Cup selections were being announced on TV, the bar became extremely quiet as everyone watched ……….. to learn the fate of their team.


A) attentively              B) indifferently       C) wistfully

D) typically                E) obviously


85-            Ever since they met. Kari and Regina have been ……….. — I’ve never seen them apart except when they’re working.


A) invisible                                B) inseparable         C) frustrated

D) aggressive             E) transformed



l.A     2.B     3.A    4.E     5.C     6.C    7.D    8.E     9.B    1O.D

11.E     12.E      13.C     14.B     15.A     16.A     17.E     18.D     19.C     20.C

21.A  22.D  23.B  24.C  25.E  26.D  27.C  28.A  29.E  3O.B

31.D  32.A  33.B  34.E  35.C  36.D  37.B  38.B  39.D  40.E

41.E  42.B  43.C  44.D  45.A  46.A  47.E  48.D  49.B  5C.C

51.B     52.D     53.D     54.C     55.A     56.E     57.C     58.D     59.A     6O.B

61.B  62.E  63.D  64.B  65.D  66.E  67.A  68.B  69.C  70.D

  1. A  72.C  73.E  74.D  75.C  76.C  77.B  78.E  79.E  80 .A

81-D 82.B  83.C  84.A  85.B



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