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1-       Everyone was shocked to learn that Jennifer had ……….. her husband and child to run off with the circus.


A) dropped                     B) encountered                       C) cherished

D) abandoned                 E) evacuated


2-       Marvin really needs to go on a diet. He’s so fat that he can …………. fit through the door and it’s nearly impossible for him to find clothes that fit.


A) merely                       B) exclusively                        C) hugely

D) basically                    E) barely


3-       The other students began to ………….. Billy in the playground. “Anyone who wears glasses must have four eyes,” they mocked.


A) corrupt                      B) tease                   C) complement

D) trap                            E) trace



4-       When travelling through different countries, Jeff ……….. to be sensitive to the local customs and thus avoid being seen as a stereotypically loud and obnoxious American.


A) refuses                      B) ignores               C) endeavours

D) imitates                      E) endangers


5-       As a student, Matthew didn’t work during the holidays, but he always had a lot of pocket money because his parents gave him a generous ………. every week.


A) allowance                  B) grant                                  C) account

D) fee                             E) fund


6-       I had often wondered why the boss seemed to ………… Alice, giving her all the best tasks, but I’ve just learnt that she is actually his niece.


A) display                      B) reject                                  C) permit

D) favour                       E) approve


7-       David would be more popular with the teachers if he didn’t…………. everything they said and occasionally followed some of the school rules.


A) obligate                     B) initate                                 C) Insist

D) disobey                     E) wander


8-       He sometimes wishes he were more …………. and wasn’t paralysed with fear at having to make choices.


A) unbending                                 B) deceptive                           C) decisive

D) inflexible                   E) intentional


9-       Petra acted promptly when the passer-by, who was apparently having a heart-attack, collapsed in the street. “We must………… his clothing,” she said, and then she untightened his tie and undid his top button.


A) treat                           B) lessen                                C) diagnose

D) wrinkle                      E) loosen


10-    Though important in most cultures, ……….. for elders is extremely important in Asia, especially in China.


A) respect                       B) objection                            C) contempt

D) knowledge                E) familiarity


11-    When he went on holiday, Tom forgot to stop his milk delivery. As a result, bottles began to …………. on the doorstep. When he arrived home again, there were fifteen in all!


A) assume                      B) accumulate                         C) spoil

D) purchase                    E) retire



12-    There are more pigs in China, where the meat constitutes the major source of animal protein and the manure is used to …………. the fields, than in any other country in the world.


A) plough                       B) fertilise                              C) harvest

D) replenish                   E) sterilise


13-          Tom’s aunt Maud is now getting a bit old and ……….. .  It’s a pity really because she used to be so lively when she was younger.


A) frail                        B) light                                   C) swift

D) scary                      E) vague


14-          I bought a small toy car with a spring-driven engine. To make it go, all you need to do is ……….. it up fully with the key and then put it down — no batteries are required!


A) pick                       B) bang                                  C) throw

D) wind                      E) polish


15-          When making börek, you can ………….. margarine for butter, but the final product probably won’t taste as good.


A) exchange               B) substitute                           C) compare

D) prepare                  E) confuse


16-          Last year, the ………… of the Globe newspaper rose by 1O%.  Now over 100,000 people buy it.


A) press                      B) sample                      C) circulation

D) deal                        E) print


17-          While the striking workers are yelling insults at the management, the union leader is actually trying to be civil and …….. a new contract and end the work stoppage.


A) excavate                 B) frustrate                             C) calculate

D) investigate             E) negotiate


18-          Upon his retirement, Klaus was given an award thanking him for his ……….. service, as the company’s profits grew 15% annually under his directorship.


A) worthless               B) vulnerable                          C) cheerful

D) invaluable              E) numerous


19-          I didn’t care much for Mr Carter when he first came, but over time I have developed a …………. for him. Now I think he is fine.


A) livelihood              B) liking                                 C) likeness

D) liveliness               E) likelihood


20-          The wounded explorer became quite concerned as he watched his food and water supplies ………….. for he knew there was little hope of obtaining more in the barren wasteland around him.


A) multiply                                 B) enlarge                               C) boil

D) diminish                E) rot


21-          As he walked into the cathedral, he couldn’t hear a sound. The ……….. was quite overwhelming and filled him with a sense of awe.


A) clamour                 B) moan                                 C) scarcity

D) reflection               E) silence


22-          When the gym in the high street caught fire, a crowd of onlookers began to …………. .  Firemen were forced to disperse them before they got hurt.


A) assemble                B) possess                              C) assume

D) hamper                  E) occur




23-          Through years of single-minded hard work and self-sacrifice, Paul was finally able to ………… his goal.


A) nominate                B) perceive                             C) achieve

D) succeed                  E) withdraw


24-          The watchfulness of her father and brothers continued to ……… Alex in his efforts to see his girlfriend until he managed to get a job working in the same office as her.


A) occupy                   B) fulfil                                  C) frustrate

D) interfere                                 E) complicate


25-          Unless he manages to ……….. the necessary visas, it’ll be impossible for him to visit his sister in England.


A) capacitate               B) deposit                               C) invest

D) obtain                    E) relate


26-          The Welsh language festival of ‘Eisteddfod’ ceased in the 13th century, when King Edward I had the entire cast massacred. It was, however, ………… in the 17th century by Queen Elizabeth I, and still survives today.


A) invented                 B) revived                              C) translated

D) performed              E) interpreted


27-          When the archeologists were invited to ………… the site of the new building, they found ait entire Roman settlement and were very excited.


A) excavate                 B) exterminate               C) extinguish

D) explode                  E) expire


28-          Normally the weather in Alaska is cool even in summer, so yesterday’s 35°C temperature was exceedingly ………. .


A) seasonable             B) unusual                              C) artificial

D) supernatural           E) irregular


29-          The US constitution forms the ………… for the constitutions of many modern democracies; in fact, Costa Rica’s is simply a Spanish translation of the original document.


A) closure                   B) invention                  C) completion

D) basis                      E) expiration


30-          Though he is by no means a famous artist, the recent chances Mark has had to ……….. his work at the convention centre have made him much better-known.


A) frame                     B) lecture                                C) exhibit

D) examine                                 E) distil


31-          The post of leader of the party was gained by Mr Peters without an election, because no other candidates stood to …………. for the position.


A) compete                                 B) conquer                             C) caution

D) argue                     E) contest


32-          Every ……….. on the 8.1O Brighton-to-London train was unhappy last week because the train was late, and none of them got to work on time.


A) tenant                     B) conductor                          C) driver

D) commuter              E) client


33-          Our company’s new advertisement in the newspaper is starting to ……….. a lot of interest — the phone hasn’t stopped ringing all week and we have hundreds of new potential customers to deal with.


A) arouse                    B) increase                             C) involve

D) convince                E) influence

34-          On a/an ……….. level, his plan seems really simple and straightforward, but when you look into it more deeply, it’s actually rather, complex and sophisticated.


A) internal                  B) superficial                          C) plain

D) explicable              E) fundamental


35-          When the diva finished her final aria, the …………. audience rose to their feet as one, and applauded for at least five minutes.


A) total                       B) extreme                               C) entire

D) utter                       E) eventual


36-          If you are feeling stressed and upset and your nerves are on edge, try aromatherapy; it’s the most …………. form of relaxation available.


A) desperate               B) approximate                       C) ceaseless

D) untimely                E) soothing


37-          The rumour that Liz Taylor is going to get married again may be ………….. but the fact that she spent $30O,OOO on a birthday present for a certain young man is definitely true.


A) determining           B) variable                              C) baseless

D) factual                    E) proven


38-          It’s not that Dan isn’t ……………. to work — he really wants a job — but he didn’t spend 5 years at university just to work on a building site.


A) accomplished         B) peculiar              C) employable

D) willing                   E) applicable


39-          I can’t really distinguish between my sister’s identical twins. They look exactly the same and I always ……….. one for the other.


A) differentiate           B) mistake              C) extinguish

D) complicate             E) estimate


40-          The army was truly beaten, and the general had no option but to put up the white flag and …………. .


A) surrender               B) succeed                              C) elevate

D) attain                      E) enclose


41-          I don’t know how Ms Plumtree became such a major film star — she’s not ………….. beautiful and her acting isn’t impressive at all.


A) particularly            B) presumably        C) meaningfully

D) reasonably             E) arguably


42-          Alan is furious because when he told his neighbours that he wanted to build a 6-foot-high wall around his garden, none of them ……………. but now it’s erected, they keep writing letters to the council to complain.


A) debated                  B) submitted                           C) objected

D) revealed                                 E) endeavoured


43-          It has always been assumed that living on the Moon would be impossible. However, scientists now think that it could be ………… . They have found huge stores of ice at each lunar pole.


A) likeable                  B).inexcusable                        C) unnatural

D) unbearable             E) inhabitable


44-          He was arrested for receiving stolen goods, but the police couldn’t detain him as they had absolutely no …………. against him, although they all knew he was guilty.


A) charge                    B) confession                         C) witness

D) evidence                E) compulsion



45-          Farmers have to …………. their seeds evenly throughout the field. If they fall together in clumps, they will not grow properly.


A) pickle                     B) suck                                   C) contribute

D) scatter                    E) elevate


46-          When I began assembling the bookshelf, I was afraid it might be rather flimsy, but when the final screws were tightened, it was quite …………… .


A) strict                      B) sturdy                                C) rigorous

D) stern                      E) straight


47-          For the first few weeks after its release, tickets for Titanic were so much in ………….. that you had to queue for hours to get a seat.


A) supply                   B) request                               C) demand

D) surplus                  E) necessity


48-          My father is not a/an …………… person, who displays his emotions openly, but I know he is so fond of his grandchildren.


A) lovable                   B) insidious                            C) precious

D) demonstrative        E) mournful


49-          The Smiths were keen to buy the cottage until they brought in a surveyor and found that damp conditions over the years had caused the woodwork to


A) petrify                    B) expire                                C) conceal

D) moisten                  E) rot


50-          Every girl in the school had a/an …………… — Sally was called ‘Carrots’ because she had orange hair, and Tina was known as ‘Tiny’ because she was so small.


A) surname                                B) nickname           C) pseudonym

D) label                       E)tag


51-          One of the major problems in this village nowadays is the ………….. of jobs for young people, and of course, if they can’t get jobs they just leave and head to the city.


A) difficulty                B) efficiency                           C) operation

D) scarcity                  E) contact


52-          How can Smith’s bakery be making a/an ………….. on their cakes? Their prices are ridiculously low and the ingredients alone must cost more!


A) profit                     B) increase                             C) raise

D) balance                  E) estimate


53-          Angela didn’t go to school for three weeks, and somehow, she managed to ……….. her mother by leaving the house every day at the usual time wearing her school uniform.


A) instruct                  B) treat                                   C) disrupt

D) implement              E) deceive


54-          The children obviously found the play extremely …………. as they giggled from beginning to end.


A) descriptive             B) informative                        C) dramatic

D) relevant                  E) amusing


55-          Jane thought that her new wig ………….. her appearance, but her friends thought it made her look silly.


A) charmed                 B) enhanced                           C) perplexed

D) blended                  E) hindered





56-          Mark and Paula are trying to get a better price on the new apartment they want to buy. It’s not ……………. expensive, but it’s rather more than they wanted to spend.


A) passionately           B) confidently         C) excessively

D) negligibly              E) deeply


57-          Pedro is very articulate and speaks English with such ………….. that you wouldn’t realise it is his second language.


A) fluency                  B) flavour                               C) spirit

D) resolution              E) regret


58-          We were horrified to read in the paper that an old lady had been mugged by two men and none of the passers-by had stopped to …………. her.


A) release                   B) contact                               C) aid

D) raid                        E) esteem


59-          The fire caused the complete ……………. of the building. By the time it was put out, there was nothing left.


A) disaster                  B) chaos                 C) deterrence

D) destruction             E) abolition


60-          My new iron wasn’t heating up properly, so I took it back to the shop and told them it was ………….. and they gave me a refund.


A) forged                    B) defective                            C) imitation

D) sinister                   E) deficient



I.D 2.E 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.D 7.D 8.C 9.E 1O.A

ll.B 12.B 13.A 14.D 15.B 16.C 17.E 18.D 19.B 20.D

21.E 22.A 23.C 24.C 25.D 26.B 27.A 28.B 29.D 30.C

3I.A 32.D 33.A 34.B 35.C 36.E 37.C 38.D 39.B 40.A

41.A 42.C 43.E 44.D 45.D 46.B 47.C 48.D 49.E 50.B

51.D 52.A 53.E 54.E 55.B 56.C 57.A 58.C 59.D 60.B



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