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1-             Before he was released, the innocent man had to ……….. lengthy interrogation by several federal agents.


A) outgrow                                B) overthrow                          C) undergo

D) withdraw               E) interfere


2-             The police officer ………… Mike for driving without a valid driving licence, because his had been cancelled six months earlier.


A) concealed               B) verified                              C) distracted

D) accused                  E) arrested


3-             About one-third of the population ……….. from the famine in the country, which persisted for years.


A) flourished              B) perished                             C) nourished

D) dreaded                  E) outnumbered


4-             Despite being officially forbidden to worship after the Chinese invasion of 1950, many Tibetans remained ………… to their religion, Buddhism, and to their exiled leader, the Dalai Lama.


A) faithful                   B) forceful                              C) feeble

D) witty                      E) envious


5-             I can remember my days at university so ……….. as if they were yesterday.


A) recently                  B) certainly                             C) vividly

D) frequently              E) cunningly


6-             Thomas spent thirty-seven days at sea on a life-raft and had to make ten litres of water ……….. the whole time.


A) freeze                     B) drip                                    C) melt

D) last                         E) flow


7-             Most fanners in the Congo grow foodstuffs for local consumption, but cash crops, such as sugar cane, are ……….. on larger, usually state-owned, farms.


A) manufactured         B) cultivated                           C) digested

D) fertilised                E) distilled


8-             I don’t know the new neighbour very well, so I can’t ask him to look after my cat until the ……….. between us grows a little more.


A) distance                 B) fairness                              C) purpose

D) significance           E) familiarity


9-             I had an accident in my car last week.  Fortunately, there is not too much damage. The back bumper is slightly ………… — that’s all.


A) dented                    B) processed                          C) treated

D) devastated              E) featured


10-          My son has grown so much this year that none of his old clothes ……….. him any more.


A) fit                           B) feel                                    C) shine

D) impress                  E) suit


11-          If you are to drive so recklessly and ………. all of our lives, I think we’d be better off walking.


A) enhance                 B) endure                               C) encourage

D) endanger                E) entail


12-          A week after the lions had killed and ……….. most of the deer, vultures were still eating the remains.


A) weakened              B) trembled                            C) devoured

D) shaped                   E) released



13-          My favourite meal is pepperoni pizza and coke, but I can’t have it too often as it tends to give me ……….. resulting in an awful stomach ache.


A) distaste                  B) appetite                              C) hunger

D) indigestion             E) operation


14-          The 100 metres promises to be an exciting race as two ……….. athletes are competing against each other and going for the world record.


A) notorious               B) notable                               C) confidential

D) elegant                   E) nameless


15-          Skagway, Alaska, is such a/an ……….. village that basic supplies like food and fuel must be delivered by air as there are no roads to or from anywhere.


A) remote                   B) exhaustive                         C) vast

D) entire                     E) insular


16-          In New Zealand, sheep ………… people by a large margin — there are ten million of them to only four million New Zealanders!


A) overwhelm            B) occupy                               C) outnumber

D) threaten                  E) multiply


17-          It’s very difficult for George to find a jacket that fits him because his shoulders are so ………… — that’s because he spends so much time at the gym.


A) utter                       B) narrow                               C) stiff

D) tough                     E) broad


18-          It looked as if the situation in Indonesia would ………. a full-scale civil war, but the resignation of the president seems to have calmed things down considerably.


A) erupt                      B) tolerate                               C) jeopardise

D) defeat                     E) provoke


19-          Though the Sanskrit language and English seem to bear no ………. to each other, they are both in the same language family.


A) construction           B) resemblance                       C) notice

D) likelihood              E) awareness


20-          The largest desert in the world, the Sahara in northern Africa, is a/an ……….. expanse of extremely arid land, which spans the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.


A) damp                     B) curable                               C) massive

D) instinctive              E) efficient


21-          Nuclear weapons will continue to be a ………… to society as long as people greedily think about war and conquest.


A) menace                  B) reputation                          C) guarantee

D) market                   E) choice


22-          UN troops are sent to places to act as peace-keepers and are expected to act ……….. and refrain from taking sides in local conflicts.


A) provocatively         B) bashfully                           C) timidly

D) accordingly            E) excitedly


23-          It took hours to ………. a list of all the candidates for the position, particularly because the applications were all over the office and not in a single pile.


A) activate                  B) interview                           C) diminish

D) compile                  E) appoint

24-          The starving people in Zaire are terribly under- ………. . If they don’t receive the right food soon, there will be a serious famine.


A) employed               B) paid                                   C) ground

D) charged                  E) nourished


25-          Tourists coining to Turkey say that it is a/an ……….. expensive, country  much cheaper than some countries, but more expensive than some others.


A) distinctly                B) moderately                         C) incredibly

D) enormously           E) dearly


26-          Olga’s desk is always ……….. and everything has its place, so it never takes her long to find anything.


A) orderly                   B) ordinary                             C) decisive

D) obliging                 E) overgrown


27-          He used to ………. in long-distance races, but now he simply runs in order to keep fit.


A) corporate               B) correlate                             C) conclude

D) compete                                 E) commute


28-          A major ………. in democratic society is that the needs of minorities are often ignored because of the desires of the majority.


A) asset                      B) flaw                                   C) pain

D) crime                     E) ideal


29-          My father is very organised and keeps all of his books in an alphabetical ………. so that he can find any volume in a matter of seconds.


A) modesty                                B) distance                             C) tradition

D) collection               E) sequence


30-          The neighbours noticed a/an ………. odour coming from Mrs Nichol’s flat and called the police to investigate it.


A) ordinary                                B) delicious                            C) daily

D) peculiar                  E) obsolete


31-          The expedition could only cover ten miles per day as their progress was hindered by dense, almost ………. jungle.


A) vulnerable              B) Impenetrable                      C) immense

D) obscure                  E) accessible


32-          The idea behind sports sponsorship is that it is ………. beneficial for the team and for the sponsor:  the team receive money to help them train and the sponsor’s name appears before large audiences.


A) inseparably            B) mutually             C) meticulously

D) namely                   E) profitably


33-          Though surrounded by people, Dave sometimes feels quite ……….. being the only European living in a mountain village in Africa, especially since he doesn’t even have a phone.


A) secure                    B) demolished                        C) isolated

D) popular                  E) equalised


34-          Though slavery was ………….. in America in 1863, it remained legal in Brazil until the 1880s.


A) abolished               B) banished                            C) corrupted

D) diverted                 E) demolished


35-          In order to be considered for EU membership, Turkey will have to develop a more ………. economy and do something about inflation.


A) rigid                       B) solvent                               C) ingenious

D) reactionary             E) stable

36-          Margo didn’t finish her paper in time, so she showed the ……….. completed document to the professor, and promised to finish and hand it in the next day.


A) partially                 B) haphazardly                       C) properly

D) attentively              E) utterly


37-          The satellite is made of specially designed materials that can ………. the extreme conditions in outer space.


A) compete                                 B) undermine                         C) undergo

D) withstand               E) withhold


38-          The rugged ………. of the Australian Outback makes it a difficult place to travel except on the few motorways that cross it.


A) personality             B) cartography                       C) terrain

D) cuisine                   E) population


39-          Sailors often developed scurvy, a skin disease, in the past because their diets were ……….. in vitamin C, but once lemons became common on ships, the problem disappeared.


A) deficient                 B) excessive                           C) scarce

D) devoid                   E) affluent


40-          The modern age of plastic has led to an increase in ……….. products as opposed to the re-usable ones of the past.


A) perishable              B) disposable                         C) considerable

D) durable                  E) portable


41-          The water in the river was too ………… so the boat got stuck in the sand.


A) salty                       B) swift                                  C) choppy

D) peculiar                  E) shallow


42-          I don’t like to be in the same society as Jim — he always ………. the conversation and won’t let other people speak.


A) continues               B) prohibits                            C) dominates

D) interferes               E) tackles


43-          How can you ………. being at the cricket match yesterday? Tom saw you there, so you can’t possibly say that you weren’t there.


A) compete                 B) allege                 C) deny

D) pretend                  E) pause


44-          There should be laws to stop factories from ………. the drinking water when they dispose of their waste.


A) experimenting        B) overcharging                     C) provoking

D) contaminating        E) establishing


45-          The other workers began to ………. that Steve was never punished for his chronic lateness and laziness, because it was making their jobs more difficult.


A) aggravate               B) offend                                C) interpret

D) grasp                    E) resent


46-          Though many people had tried to ……….. Constantinople, it was Sultan Mohammed II who managed to take it from the Byzantine Empire in 1453.


A) decline                   B) civilise                               C) conquer

D) secure                    E) surrender


47-          Heat and pressure ……….. machine parts in time, with the result that their shapes change and they have to be replaced.


A) distort                    B) specialise                           C) retard

D) jeopardise              E) elevate

48-          There was no ………… to the plan to skip the last break and finish early since everyone agreed it would be better to get the job done as soon as possible.


A) progress                B) choice                                C) ban

D) objection                E) advancement


49-          The bank robbers decided to ………… the money under the shed and dig it up when the police had lost interest in the theft.


A) invest                     B) retrieve                              C) calculate

D) banish                    E) bury


50-          Manufacturing and marketing Tom’s invention proved to be a successful ……….. and the company decided to take more such risks in the future.


A) venture                  B) ordeal                                C) projection

D) benefit                   E) advertisement


51-          Such ………. as faxes and e-mail have greatly facilitated the way international companies work.


A) institutions             B) innovations                        C) casualties

D) communications    E) prospects


52-          The decision to ………. the space shuttle Challenger was obviously not a good one since the vehicle exploded just after take-off.


A) blow                      B) extinguish                          C) ignite

D) orbit                       E) launch


53-          You can ……… fresh juice from oranges by hand or with a machine.


A) squeeze                  B) pump                                 C) carve

D) quench                   E) splash


54-          We felt completely ……….. lying in the sun with cold drinks and wanted nothing more.


A) acceptable              B) agreeable                           C) content

D) pleasing                 E) satisfactory


55-          Most packaged food is full of ………. ingredients while the food I make at home is composed entirely of natural products.


A) artificial                 B) supernatural                       C) conservative

D) compulsive            E) official


56-          During the drought, instead of merely sending an investigation team, the government also provided the area with ………. help, such as food, clothes and medical supplies.


A) optimistic               B) practical                             C) precise

D) financial                 E) radical


57-          Losing the goalkeeper was a major ……….. for the football team, but they managed to overcome this difficulty and win the match without him.


A) support                  B) pressure                             C) asset

D) benefit                   E) setback


58-          I always buy the Saturday ………. of the Guardian newspaper because of the prize crossword.


A) episode                  B) volume                              C) issue

D) installment             E) chapter


59-          The girl disappeared without a ………. — nobody has a clue about what has happened to her.


A) desire                     B) permission                         C) struggle

D) trace                       E) receipt


60-          The problem of culture shock is only ………… dealt with in this book, without touching the core of the problem.


A) allegedly                B) competently                       C) radically

D) substantially          E) superficially



l.C 2.E 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.E 9.A 10.A

ll.D 12.C 13.D 14.B 15.A 16.C 17.E 18.E 19.B 20.C

21.A 22.D 23.D 24.E 25.B 26.A 27.D 28.B 29.E 3O.D

31.B 32.B 33.C 34.A 35.E 36.A 37.D 38.C 39.A 40.B

41.E 42.C 43.C 44.D 45.E 46.C 47.A 48.D 49.E 50.A

51.B 52.E 53.A 54.C 55.A 56.B 57.E 58.C 59.D 60.E



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