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1-             Bears do not really …………. because their heartbeat rate, body temperature, breathing rate, and blood pressure do not drop significantly lower than normal, and on mild days in midwinter, a bear may awaken and come out of the den.


A) raid                        B) invade                C) hibernate

D) hasten                    E) coincide


2-             Although we hadn’t actually got the tickets, we ………… that everything was fine as the travel agent had sent us the flight times.


A) assumed                B) adapted              C) charted

D) dedicated               E)provoked


3-             Some people believe whole-heartedly in alternative medicine. They say that it can ……….. patients better than conventional medicine can.


A) seal                        B) predict                C) hide

D) heal                        E) avoid


4-             There are many ……….. between rugby and American football; in fact, the former is a direct ancestor of the latter.


A) distinctions            B) competitions      C) similarities

D) reflections              E) varieties


5-             There are all sorts of occupations represented in my Turkish class. The students hold such ………. jobs as shop assistant and brain surgeon.


A) passionate              B) diverse               C) dashing

D) resembling             E)huge


6-             Because the prices are much more ……….. many people prefer to shop at the market rather than at expensive stores.


A) amiable                  B) affordable          C) simultaneos

D) extensive               E)profitable


7-             Frogs and toads have a strong sense of location. When taken from their territories or breeding grounds, they can find their way back by smell and ……….. by the position of the stars.


A) tenderly                 B) gradually            C) evenly

D) deliberately            E)instinctively


8-             The formation of a strategy to ………… poverty in developing countries will require the commitment of all industrialised nations.


A) exploit                   B) expand               C) deceive

D) combat                   E)recover


9-             Biodegradable waste materials, such as fruits and vegetables, which ………… naturally, are less of a long-term threat to the environment than are more persistent pollutants such as metals and plastics.


A) decompose            B) evaluate              D) contaminate

D) ascend                   E) disregard


10-          Although some people said it was a bit extravagant and aesthetically disastrous, I thought Diana’s wedding dress was quite ……….. and really flattered her.


A) efficient                 B) tasteful               C) industrious

D) sloppy                   E) casual


11-          It was a silly decision of the airline to let everyone ………. all at once. They should have let the people sitting at the back get on first, then there wouldn’t have been such chaos.


A) land                       B) descend              C) climb

D) embark                  E) dismount




12-          I have known Brian for almost five years, but have not really spoken to him much; therefore, I would call him more of a/an ………… than a friend.


A) enthusiast              B) contestant           C) comrade

D) companion             E)acquaintance


13-          I used to help my mother bring in the large bed sheets when they were dry because it really requires two people to ……….. them neatly.


A) dye                        B) sew                    C) rinse

D) weave                    E) fold


14-          Fred is so ……….. that whatever I say, he always disagrees with it.


A) contemporary        B) sentimental         C) argumentative

D) innocent                 E) impractical


15-          Time is limited, so please only ask relevant questions so that we don’t ………… off the topic of debate.


A) wander                  B) travel                  C) creep

D) hike                       E) leap


16-          Greg is not completely blind. He can actually see a little through one eye, therefore he is really ………… sighted.


A) considerately         B) precisely            C) immediately

D) partially                 E) entirely


17-          The transport company is obliged to meet any loss or damage resulting from ………… but not an unavoidable natural accident.


A) extravagance          B) negligence          C) persistence

D) assistance              E) occurrence


18-          The cost of imported petroleum is a heavy ………. on the Turkish economy and an effort is being made to develop other sources of power generation.


A) explanation            B) response            C) burden

D) income                   E)resource


19-          In order to ………. your ambitions, you have to work very hard.


A) desire                     B) become              C) distill

D) conquer                 E) fulfill


20-          Poisonous gas was employed by Italy in its invasion of Ethiopia in 1935, despite the ………… against its use in the Geneva Protocol of 1925, which Italy had signed.


A) prohibition             B) avoidance           C) consumption

D) retreat                    E) recession


21-          I feel very sorry for Vanessa because she is very ………. . Being so shy must be a big disadvantage in life.


A) moody                   B) timid                  C) outgoing

D) gloomy                  E) excited


22-          Nigel is very ………. about the events of last night,  realising that pushing Ellie into the pool was a silly thing to do.


A) explanatory            B) oppressive         C) relieved

D) apologetic              E) convenient


23-          The Chancellor’s speech was very ………… to his previous one, in which he had promised to cut taxes. Now he has decided to raise them.


A) appropriate            B) similar                C) contradictory

D) contemporary        E)reluctant


24-          As a boss, Paul found it difficult to write reports ………. staff performances, especially when he knew the employee personally as well.


A) conversing             B) estimating          C) printing

D) evaluating              E) compiling


25-          She was only fifteen when she was sentenced to fifteen years’ imprisonment for ………… burning down her local library in a temper tantrum.


A) punctually              B) peacefully          C) reluctantly

D) willfully                 E) commonly


26-          “The murderer is the person who had the chance to poison the victim and get away quickly,” commented the inspector, “………., Charles Atkinson.”


A) namely                   B) knowingly         C) absolutely

D) longingly               E)closely


27-          If you work hard at your school work, then you will ………. the grades you desire. If you do not, then you won’t get them. It is as simple as that!


A) attain                      B) complain            C) bewilder

D) fail                         E) appeal


28-          Certain abbreviations may …………. memory and, if easily pronounced, are spoken as well as written; for example, UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.


A) cooperate               B) remember           C) facilitate

D) collect                    E) compromise


29-          Peter’s visits to his grandmother were only ……….. which made her look forward to them all the more.


A) common                B) occasional           C) domestic

D) far-reaching           E) occupational


30-          Although he is small, you mustn’t………… his boxing ability. If you relax for a minute, then he will take you by surprise.


A) encounter               B) overcome           C) compensate

D) withdraw               E) underestimate


31-          In order to ………. your new toy robot, you just push this button here and it starts doing things.


A) repel                      B) reveal                 C) cease

D) initiate                    E) activate


32-          The children won’t get bored at the summer camp because there are so many activities to ………… in, such as canoeing, horse riding, painting and creative writing.


A) satisfy                    B) participate          C) determine

D) evolve                    E) provide


33-          Thank you so much for your help and affection over this difficult time. If you hadn’t been so kind and ……….. I don’t think I would have  been able to get through it.


A) considerate            B) refutable             C) distressing

D) approximate           E) tedious


34-          Little Emily is getting the hang of her new game. She has to put square shapes into square holes and round shapes into ………. holes.


A) trivial                     B) floral                  C) rotational

D) triangular               E) circular

35-          The prisoners of war experienced many different kinds of ……….. by far the worst of which was having their feet branded.

A) mischief                 B) distraction          C) torture

D) ambiguity              E)ache

36-          The author and painter Edward Lear was a restless, lonely man, who travelled ……….. from one place to another and settled down only toward the end of his life in San Remo on the Italian Riviera.


A) eternally                B) scornfully          C) incessantly

D) vitally                    E) simultaneously


37-          I think if you drive that far today, you will seriously ……….. your health.  You are really not well enough to travel.


A) wound                   B) regain                 C) demoralise

D) jeopardise              E) reckon


38-          The fireplace in Bob’s house is ………… decorated. It is beautifully carved with figures from the bible.


A) eventually              B) elaborately         C) incidentally

D) constructively        E)occasionally


39-          George’s arguments were usually ignored because they were never very ………. . One day he would argue one thing, and the next completely contradict himself.


A) efficient                 B) compulsive        C) consistent

D} exclusive               E) passionate


40-          The lady in front of me in the cinema was ……….. my view of the screen. I had to ask her to remove her hat so that I could see properly.


A) obscuring              B) standing             C) blasting

D) concealing             E) insulting


41-          Obviously, the team of workers were well chosen by the management because they needed the minimum ………. and rarely needed to be checked on.


A) coincidence            B) enjoyment          C) elaboration

D) supervision            E) flexibility


42-          During the protest, Chinese police treated demonstrators ………… attracting criticism from the world over.


A) peacefully              B) incidentally        C) triumphantly

D) considerably          E) brutally


43-          The Yukaghir are a northeastern Siberian ……….. people, who rely on reindeer or dogs for transportation to seasonal fishing or hunting grounds.


A) vague                     B) nomadic             C) sedentary

D) variable                  E) solid


44-          The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes and stood there open-mouthed and ………. . In fact, nobody moved a muscle for almost a minute.


A) stagnant                                 B) motionless         C) hectic

D) momentary            E) flawless


45-          My mother says I should get some more furniture and kitchen gadgets, but I believe my house is ……….. furnished. What I have is enough to provide me with comfort.


A) excessively            B) merely                C) barely

D) persistently            E) adequately


46-          One of the biggest changes in East Germany recently was the ……….. of state owned companies, which were sold to privately owned companies.


A) nationalisation       B) clarification        C) production

D) privatisation           E) acclimatisation





47-          The lighthouse keeper spent his days ………… the brass stair rail until he could see the reflection of his face clearly in it.


A) grinding                                B) polishing            C) encompassing

D) scanning                E)staring


48-          Your idea of the way a football team should play is ………. different from mine. In fact, they are so far apart that it seems as if we are talking about a different sport!


A) ghastly                   B) closely               C) invisibly

D) soberly                  E) vastly


49-          Pete Sampras is having such a good run of form that he thinks he can beat anyone and he doesn’t care who his next ………. is.


A) opponent               B) production         C) struggle

D) contest                   E) court


50-          I find the motion of the waves coming onto the beach very ……….. to watch. Watching them makes me forget all the problems of daily life.


A) dripping                                B) motivating          C) distracting

D) relaxing                 E) stressful


51-          The leading yachtsman in the race ………… his own personal glory in order to rescue one of the competitors, whose mast had broken.


A) congratulated         B) spared                C) sacrificed

D) won                       E)revealed


52-          If Tom brings his friend on the coach trip, it will ……….. a bit of a problem because there won’t be enough seats on the coach.


A) pose                       B) complicate          C) enlighten

D) offend                    E) compensate


53-          ………… there won’t be a meeting this Friday because it’s a public holiday.


A) Commonly            B) Candidly            C) Modestly

D) Presumably           E)Customarily


54-          This school specifically caters for ………. children, admitting only those that show an exceptional talent.


A) active                     B) gifted                 C) sensible

D) private                   E) valuable


55-          Tony’s ………… on the subject of television is completely different from Gordon’s. Tony thinks it’s highly educational, while Gordon thinks it corrupts the minds of children.


A) viewpoint              B) confidence         C) action

D) suspicion               E) vision


56-          James bas recovered quite well from his accident, but he still walks a little ……….. .


A) fortunately             B) punctually          C) longingly

D) sneakily                                 E) peculiarly


57-          When the oxygen cylinders on the hot air balloon began to leak, the engineer went ……….. outside to fix them. It was an act of incredible bravery.


A) bashfully               B) silently               C) boldly

D) humanely               E)barely


58-          We were struggling for an idea for a new play, so we decided to ………. our expertise. After all, two heads are better than one.


A) combine                 B) assert                 C) convert

D)  split                      E) elevate



59-          When we first got Kaplan, our cat, he was a little wild. He’s been ………. now and is not quite so boisterous and vicious.


A) befriended             B) terminated          C) softened

D) tamed                     E) verified


60-          The cinemas here usually have a break half way through the film. I think this is a good idea because during this ………….. you can have a chat about the film over a coffee.


A) gap                        B) power cut           C) screening

D) interval                  E) final



l.C 2.A 3-D 4.C 5.B 6.B 7.E 8.D 9.A 10.B

ll.D 12.E 13.E 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.B 18.C 19.E 2O.A

21.B 22.D 23.C 24.D 25.D 26.A 27.A 28.C 29.B 3O.E

31.E 32.B 33.A 34.E 35.C 36.C 37.D 38.B 39.C 40.A

41.D 42.E 43.B 44.B 45.E 46.D 47.B 48.E 49.A 50.D

51.C 52.A 53.D 54.B 55.A 56.E 57.C 58.A 59.D 6O.D



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