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1-       Mark’s and Spencer, now a multi-national company, ………. as a market stall in 1884.


A) originated  B) terminated          C) invested

D) purchased E) manufactured


2-       Ann was ……….. dressed for her sister’s wedding,

with a light blue suit and matching shoes.


A) evidently   B) artistically          C) appetisingly

D) tastefully   E) compulsorily


3-       The mailman delivered the heaviest parcel first to

……… his load.


A) arouse      B) drown                                C) lighten

D) relieve      E) relax


4-       Bob found his wife more of a ……….. than a help

with the painting of the house.


A) assistance B) barrier                C) deterrent

D) hardship   E) hindrance


5-    Computers greatly ………. every kind of calculati-


A) activate     B) instruct               C) educate

D) facilitate    E) derive


6-    The only problem with the house is that it ……..

central heating, which means we’ll have to use a stove for heating.


A) lacks        B) deprives             C) installs

D) breaks      E) fails


7-       After much discussion, the trade union recom-

mended the workers to ……….. the management’s pay offer because it was far below the inflation rate.


A) select       B) reject                  C) deny

D) repel        E) permit


8-       People with fair skin are extremely ……….. to

sunburn and should use plenty of suntan lotion when sunbathing.


A) secure       B) appropriate         C) vulnerable

D) sensible    E) unreasonable


9-       The house had little protection from the wind as the hillside on which it was situated was only ……….. covered with trees.


A) roughly         B) sparsely        C) occasionally

D) infrequently   E) abundantly


10-    After placing an advertisement for a new flatmate in the newspaper, William received several……….. replies.


A) immense   B) uninterested       C) swift

D) hurried     E) abrupt


11- At the end of the meeting, the chairman asked all

those who were in ……….. of the proposal to raise their hands, but to his surprise, fewer than half of the members supported it.


A) goodwill         B) favour                             C) option

D) assistance E) benefit







12- Although he doesn’t really like the opera, he

……….. accompanies his wife when she has nobody else to go with.


A) persuasively            B) scarcely        C) slightly

D) occasionally            E) seldom


13- Steven quit his job with the marketing firm for

a/an ……….. of reasons. It was not just the low salary, as many of his friends thought.


A) variety         B) abundance      C) difference

D) uniformity    E) agreement


14-  Following the disaster, $1OO,OOO was raised in

……….. to the radio appeal.


A) progress    B) indicator             C) response

D) return        E) solution


15-  Since Susan is colour-blind, she can’t make the

……….. between red and green.


A) distinction B) judgement          C) contrast

D) decision    E) similarity


16-  Before he could buy the new machine, the

manager had to wait for  the ………..of the board of directors.


A) appreciation    B) approval       C) consumption

D) improvement  E) admiration


17- Vegetables are said to be healthier when they

are eaten ……… but I wouldn’t even consider eating certain vegetables uncooked.


A) tasty             B) raw                 C) fried

D) cultivated     E) grilled


18-   Bill closed the window, as there was a/an ………..

blowing round the back of his neck.


A) wind         B) draught              C) chill

D) air             E) breeze


19-  Jack’s father had an amazing ability to ………..

wild horses.


A) excite        B) possess              C) tame

D) achieve     E) indicate


20-    Obviously, the poison was not very ……….. as

the rats returned the next day.


A) strict              B) capable          C) serious

D) convincing    E) effective


21-    To get the pay increase for its members, the trade union was hoping to use ……….. rather than force.

A) confidence    B) aggression     C) persuasion

D) activity          E) announcement


22-    The trip to town in order to buy curtains proved to be ……….. because the shop was closed.


A) pointless      B) fruitful            C) profitable

D) reasonable   E) aimless


23-    Brian saw the woman fall into the water and

realised that she would ……….. unless he acted quickly.

A) drench      B) sink                    C) drown

D) float          E) soak





24-    Due to the blockage caused by the avalanche, the passengers were forced to ……….. the train and walk the rest of the way.


A) delay        B) cancel                 C) board

D) dismiss     E)abandon


25-    The childless couple, having failed to have their

own child, decided to ……….. a baby from those who had lost their parents in the flood.


A) approve                B) assume   C) declare

D) adopt                    E) surround


26-    Her department manager ……….. informed Mary

that her short skirt was unsuitable for the office.


A) accurately   B) rapidly             C) favourably

D) sparsely      E) tactfully


27-    It is ……….. in Turkey to sing the national anthem

before each football match. It’s sung even before the matches they play with foreign teams.


A) occasional    B) regular           C) domestic

D) passionate    E) customary


28-    In order to ……….. for this position, you should be

able to speak English fluently, and know how to use   the computer.


A) qualify     B) resign                 C) achieve

D) instruct    E) nominate


29-    Mr Grey refused to buy any shares in the arms company, as he believed it to be ……….. wrong.


A) swiftly         B) morally           C) mistakenly

D) honourably  E) considerably


30-    Steven was accused of stealing some money, which was an accusation he ……….. denied.


A) vigorously               B) deliberately        C) hastily

D) narrowly  E) feebly


31-    Leonardo da Vinci worked ………. on his best-

known painting ‘The Mona Lisa, paying great attention to every detail.


A) apparently    B) recklessly       C) presumably

D) meticulously E) essentially


32-    In order to ……….. his diet, Michael took multi-

vitamin tablets.


A) strike        B) endure                C) load

D) fortify       E) confirm


33-    Owing to the lack of public transportation, the downtown area of the city is ……….. with private cars.


A) increased  B) congested           C) mounted

D) shattered   E) revealed


34-    The manager bought his secretary a bunch of flowers in ……….. of all her hard work.

A) ingratitude    B) negligence     C) revelation

D) appreciation  E) understanding


35- Because they bad sold out of tickets, the only way for Barbara to obtain a ticket for the play was through a last minute ……….. .

A) appointment B) enrollment   C) cancellation

D) revision        E) compensation



36-  Timothy quit his job as a postman as the early hours

didn’t really ……….. him.


A) suit            B) occur                  C) match

D) agree         E) respect


37- Even in regions with ……… annual rainfall,

irrigation may be necessary for certain crops if the seasonal distribution is such that a dry period comes during the growing season.


A) generous   B) tolerable             C) capable

D) adequate   E) dense


38- When the singer fell ill just before the concert, the audience was offered the choice of a full……….. or tickets for a new date.


A) refuse       B) appeal                C) promise

D) content     E) refund


39- Prices have not remained …….. since the last

elections. In fact, they have changed almost every month.


A) steady       B) identical             C) precise

D) splendid   E) gradual


40- Michael’s job involves an excessive amount of travelling, but fortunately, the …….. is met by the company.


A) admission  B) reduction          C) expense

D) allowance   E) measure


41-   Jeannine was confident that she was ……….. of

coping with the responsibility of her new job.


A) useless     B) efficient              C) gifted

D) sensible   E) capable


42-   The terrorists were ……….. in their treatment of the

hostages when their demands were not met.


A) painful      B) merciless            C) meaningless

D) greedy      E) significant


43-   Considering how limited our resources were, the

work we produced is quite


A) plentiful       B) reluctant          C) baseless

D) satisfactory  E) intensive


44- Because ours is a large family, it is hardly possible

to find the bathroom ……… in our house. It is always occupied by someone.


A) expansive B) vacant                C) agreeable

D) scarce       E) damp


45- Wheat grows well in the west of England because

the soil is very …………. allowing high crop yields.


A) fertile                 B) inferior    C) grand

D) sparse       E) sharp


46- It was a risky situation and the bomb disposal expert was sweating so much that he had to ……….. his forehead several times.


A) flood                B) rinse                                C) wipe

D) dust         E) shake








47-  Cases of typhoid were ……….. less common

following the discovery of penicillin.


A) intensively    B) customarily   C) formerly

D) considerably  E) faithfully


48- After reading the statistics on lung cancer, Mr

Smith decided to ……….. his children from smoking.


A) consider     B) encounter         C) retreat

D) discourage  E) recommend


49-   Experts argue that television viewing does not

injure the eyes, but……… on the same distance and area for long periods may tire them.


A) placing      B) insisting             C) observing

D) glimpsing E) focusing


50- When natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes occur, it is necessary to take precautions against……… drinking water.


A) irrigated       B) contaminated   C) operated

D) exasperated  E) investigated


51-   Circuses, like all businesses, had to struggle for

………. through the long depression years starting in 1929.


A) expense        B) tolerance        C) survival

D) compliment  E) bankrupt


52- Prior to the 19th century the only Swedish writers

to have significant………… outside their native land were Carolus Linnaeus and Emanuel Swedenborg, both known for their scientific writings.


A) validity     B) relevance            C) courage

D) distance    E) Impact


53-    ………… Maria still makes a few mistakes, but her

command of English has greatly improved.


A) Admittedly   B) Knowingly         C) Readily

D) Willingly   E) Freely


54-    Carol and Robert’s divorce was a shock to

everybody, as they gave no ……….. that they were unhappy together.


A) indication     B) disagreement  C) guide

D) description   E)record


55-    The police officer has been ……….. suspended

from his job, while the investigation into the claim that he took bribes has been completed.


A) permanently  B) temporarily    C) constantly

D) gradually       E) invariably


56-    After the injection, you’ll experience a ……….

burning pain and slight swelling at the site, but they’ll disappear in a few hours.


A) hot                     B) calm                                C) sour

D) mild          E) harsh


57- I don’t know how he is going to cope with the housework on his own when we are away on holiday. He doesn’t even know how to ……….. the washing machine.


A) function    B) provide              C) operate

D) act            E) pull


58- Nearly all people associate rats with dirt, disease and destruction, yet of the ……… SO species of true rats, only seven may be said to deserve this


A)   responsibly    B)approximately  C) intensively

D) inevitably        E) ultimately


59-   At first Helen found French very difficult, but……..

she began to understand it.


A) immediately             B) promptly     C) instantly

D) occasionally             E) gradually


60- The late 18th century was a time of great……… in

Europe. Enormous wealth was held by the few while the masses lived in poverty.


A) relaxation    B) ignorance        C) consistency

D) contrast       E) refusal


TEST YOUR VOCABULARY 5I. A   2. D   3. C   4.E    5.D    6.A   7.B    8.C    9.B   10.C

II.B   12.D  13 .A          14.C  15.A 16.B  17.B  18.B         19.C 20.E

21.C  22.A  23.C  24.E  25.D  26.E  27.E  28.A  29.B 3O.A

31.D  32.D  33.B  34.D  35.C  36.A  37.D  38.E 39.A 40.C

41.E  42.B  43.D  44.B  45.A  46.C  47.D  48.D  49.E 5O.B

51.C  52.E  S3.A  54.A  55.B  56.D  57.C  58.B  59.E 6O.D




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