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1-         Jamie is completely ……….. with the Spice Girls. His bedroom wall is covered with pictures of them, and he’s bought every record they’ve ever made.


A) devoted                    B) obsessed            C) grateful

D) addictive                                  E) persistent

2-         Sylvie is so beautiful that she doesn’t need to wear any make-up to ………… her natural good looks.


A) enhance                      B) adore                  C) smarten

D) paint                           E) decorate


3-         Some fans think that the referee was biased against our team and wanted Manchester United to win, but I think he was quite ………… — Manchester just played better.


A) impartial                    B) agreeable            C) unfair

D) distant                        E) remote


4-         Nicola really didn’t want to leave the party but despite her ………… she had to go because her father had come to fetch her.


A) resentment                 B) relief                  C) reluctance

D) prediction                  E) conclusion


5-         No other country could ………… the Soviet Union’s achievements in gymnastics — their gymnasts were so much better than any other country’s.


A) retire                        B) estimate              C) overcome

D) surpass                    E) conceal


6-         Seven people have been …………. injured on the Ml this evening. None of the doctors are hopeful that any of them will survive.


A) uselessly                   B) vastly                 C) horribly

D) awfully                     E) fatally


7-         One of the biggest problems in the world today is the ………. of our natural resources. They’re being used up much more quickly than they’re being replaced.


A) jeopardy                     B) depletion            C) redundancy

D) ailment                       E) abundance


8-         The police do not believe that the man shot his wife by accident — they think he ……….. murdered her because he was having an affair with his secretary.


A) erratically                 B) agreeably           C) passionately

D) willingly                  E) wistfully


9-         It is shown through history that when the gap between the rich and the poor in a country is too big, the people often ……….. and overthrow the government.


A) participate                  B) inspire                C) revolt

D) employ                      E) infect


10-      Wendy didn’t want to buy the carpet at first but the salesman was so ……….. that she changed her mind and bought it.

A) fashionable                               B) available             C) inexpensive

D) logical                       E) persuasive


11-      The man at the cinema always wants to ………. you to your allocated seat with his torch, even if there are only three people in the cinema, because then, he obtains a tip.

A) shine                        B) push                   C) identify

D) propel                                      E) usher



12-      First, Bill Brown will ……….. the meeting with a short welcoming speech and then we’ll continue with the rest of the programme.


A) involve                     B) organise             C) prepare

D) initiate                       E) encourage


13-      My bread was a disaster because I made a mistake and put in the wrong ……….. of yeast, so it didn’t rise at all.


A) quantity                      B) liquid                 C) ingredi               ent                                          D) quality                               E) consistency


14-      Poor old Douglas has got eight children and two ex-wives to ………. . No one knows how he manages on his salary.


A) extend                        B) maintain             C) spend

D) relate                          E) hold


15-      When the police caught one of the bank robbers, he decided to make a full ………….. and tell them everything that had happened.


A) contradiction              B) outburst             C) confession

D) suspicion                    E) production


16-      I didn’t want to be ………. in a conversation with Gloria, so, when I spotted her on the other side of the road, I just turned my back, and pretended to be looking at the shop-window.


A) followed                                    B) involved C) encountered

D) whispered                  E) embraced


17-      On her wedding day, Laura didn’t sit down until after the ceremony because she didn’t want to ………. her dress.


A) crease                         B) untidy                C) rinse

D) fold                            E) suppress


18-      David says he saw a UFO last night, and although there’s been no ……….. in the press or on the news, he’s still absolutely sure about what he saw.


A) criticism                     B) witness              C) identification

D) belief                          E) confirmation


19-      Fred was ……… hurt by his mother’s attitude towards his wife and has never felt the same way about her again.


A) strongly                     B) fully                   C) sharply

D) intensely                    E) steeply


20-      That man just loves to ………… his wife In public — the other day, when they had some guests, he told her she was lazy and stupid.


A) order                          B) caress                 C) impress

D) insult                          E) demolish


21-      Giles is computer mad, and when he’s in front of the screen, you can see his total………. . I don’t think he’d notice if a bomb went off.


A) determination             B) obligation           C) absorption

D) conversation              E) occupation


22-      Many women are finding it possible nowadays to ……… motherhood with a career, due to improved child-minding facilities.


A) combine                     B) link                    C) join

D) allow                         E) pretend


23-      If you want to go to India, apply for a visa well in advance because it takes them forever to ………… applications.


A) mend                         B) repel                   C) alter

D) process                      E) access


24-      A child under 16 years old pays half the …………. on the buses and trains in England, and most pensioners travel free.


A) expense                     B) ticket                  C) wage

D) return                        E) fare


25-      The Ethiopian refugee lived in Britain for the rest of her life, but she never ceased to ……… for her homeland and always wished she was able to return.


A) consider                    B) expand               C) yearn

D) remember                  E) promote


26-      Jenny is just crazy about the new guy in class, but I don’t know what she sees in him — he doesn’t………. to me at all.


A) fancy                        B) desire                 C) appeal

D) apply                        E) approve


27-      The actors are getting nervous because tonight is the final…………… of the play and tomorrow they’ll have an audience.


A) scene                          B) interval               C) performance

D) rehearsal                    E) demonstration


28-      ………… nobody attended last night’s play — there were only ten people in the audience.


A) Virtually                  B) Hardly                               C) Actually

D) Really                                      E) Deeply


29-      Cindy’s mathematical ability is ……… . She got a first in Maths at university when she was only 17.


A) predominant              B) outstanding    C) individualistic

D) awkward                   E) accurate


30-      Angus wants to give up smoking but his ……….. to nicotine is so strong that he just can’t do it.


A) desire                         B) inclination          C) reliance

D) habit                          E) addiction


31-      Many farms and factories in the Third World ………. their workers by paying them a very low salary and making them work unreasonably hard for it.


A) compensate                B) hire                    C) extinguish

D) exploit                       E) sack


32-      Samuel’s mother’s death affected him ……….. and he never completely recovered from it.


A) temporarily                B) essentially          C) profoundly

D) innately                     E) sensationally


33-      We were worried that the injured gull we had rescued wouldn’t be able to fly, so we were all very relieved as we watched it take off and ……… into the sky.


A) descend                     B) soar                    C) cater

D) leap                           E) remove





34-      I can’t believe there’s been a ………. of 1970s fashions — platform shoes and all that — these styles were bad enough the first time round!


A) suggestion                 B) revival                               C) mystery

D) selection                     E) reminder


35-      Carla treated her fiance very badly when she decided to break off her engagement — of course, it’s her right to change her mind, but she could have at least behaved ……….. and returned the ring to him.


A) regretfully                  B) intellectually       C) socially

D) doubtfully                  E) decently


36-      Harriet has never needed to diet or watch her weight — she’s naturally ….… .


A) slender                       B) thick                   C) obese

D) plump                        E) sensitive


37-      Mrs Morgan, who lives next door, is moving to an old age home. She’s become rather ………. over the last few years and can’t even remember simple things, like her name and address.


A) mindful                     B) diseased             C) decisive

D) susceptible                E) senile


38-      Lord Baden Powell was the ……….. of the Boy Scout movement. He started it in England and it has since spread all over the world.


A) principal                   B) master                                C) premier

D) founder                    E) prophet


39-      I don’t admire Ivana’s clothes myself— they’re always so ……… . I prefer simpler styles.


A) fascinating                B) complex             C) superb

D) elaborate                   E) severe


40-      Don’t water your plants at midday during summer, because the water will disappear from the surface due to ………. before the plants can absorb it.


A) prevention                B) thirst                   C) evaporation

D) nourishment             E) drought


41-      Our headmaster is usually very strict with students who are rude, but he decided to ………. Dawn’s bad behaviour and say nothing, because she was still so upset over her parents’ divorce.


A) overlook                    B) penalise              C) quieten

D) revenge                      E) cease


42-      If you don’t tie your boat up properly, it will……….. out to sea when the tide turns.


A) sail                             B) drift                    C) escape

D) reckon                       E) abandon


43-      People who ……….. the speed limit by 10 kilometres or more have to pay a huge fine, if they get caught.


A) precede                      B) proceed              C) recede

D) succeed                      E) exceed


44-      If I ………. to do something, I really try to complete the task in the best way. That’s why I like to think hard before I agree to a request.


A) acquire                      B) compel               C) include

D) undertake                  E) persuade

45-      When Polly’s beloved dog died, she didn’t know how to ……….. of the body. Eventually she decided to bury it in the park.


A) dispose                    B) dump                 C) abolish

D) relieve                                      E) retreat


46-      If the punishment for traffic offences was more ………… perhaps drivers would obey the law more often.


A) extravagant               B) common             C) severe

D) lenient                       E) lethal


47-      Norman was so embarrassed when he entered the wrong hotel room by mistake that he ran out of the room without apologising for the ……….. .


A) entrance                    B) crime                  C) mischief

D) exception                  E) intrusion


48-      Pauline wants to buy a ……….. TV so that she can carry it into the kitchen and watch it while she’s cooking.


A) removable                  B) portable              C) convenient

D) convertible                 E) suitable


49-      There is no ……….. on bringing pets into North Cyprus, but your pet will have to go into quarantine for about four weeks.


A) allowance                  B) obstruction         C) responsibility

D) announcement           E) restriction


50-      It’s very difficult to find inexpensive ……….. in London, but it’s much easier to find somewhere reasonable to stay out of the city centre.


A) hospitality                  B) accommodation  C) recreation

D) quality                       E) access


51-      I love the ……….. my grandmother wears — she always smells like violets.


A) scent                          B) aroma                 C) spice

D) modesty                    E) venture


52-      Alan’s explanation of how to get to his house was so ……… that everybody got lost on the way to his party.


A) inestimable                                B) probable             C) apparent

D) remote                       E) obscure


53-      The noises you hear in old houses at night are often caused by the ………… and contraction of the wooden floorboards.


A) concentration            B) demolition          C) expansion

D) distinction                 E) eruption


54-      Students must………… for the September term before Friday, but payment is not required until the 12th.


A) endeavour                 B) resign                 C) account

D) enroll                        E) conduct


55-      In the legend of King Arthur and his court, the Knights of the Round Table are so named because the table they ate at was ………… in shape.


A) rectangular                 B) floral                  C) square

D) circular                       E) triangular







56-      Some people can read on a bus but I find it too ………. and I can’t keep my place, so I prefer to travel by ferry, because unless the weather’s bad, it’s a smooth journey and I can use the time to study.


A) even                         B) jerky                  C) choppy

D) level                         E) placid


57-      The soldiers attacked the village ……….. having no just cause for their aggression.


A) reasonably                 B) respectfully        C) powerfully

D) wantonly                   E) recklessly


58-      According to the comics, Superman’s mission is to ……… evil from the world and fight for the forces of justice and good.


A) comprehend              B) hasten                C) eradicate

D) declare                       E)resent


59-      When our car broke down, the emergency vehicle had to ………… it for almost 10 miles to reach the nearest garage.


A) tow                           B) push                   C) drive

D) serve                         E) navigate


60-      Although Turkish people ……….. take off their shoes before they enter a house, there are some people who don’t observe this practice.


A) reliably                      B) invitingly           C) thoroughly

D) customarily               E) delightfully



l.B     2.A    3.A    4.C    5.D    6.E    7.B    8.D    9.C       10.E

ll.E    12.D  13.A  14.B  15.C  16.B  17.A  18.E  19.D     20.D

21.C  22.A  23.D  24.E  25.C  26.C  27.D  28.A  29.B     30.E

31.D  32.C  33.B  34.B  35.E  36.A  37.E  38.D  39.D     40.C

41.A  42.B  43.E  44.D  45.A  46.C  47.E  48.B  49.E     50.B

51.A  52.E  53.C  54.D  S5.D  56.B  57.D  58.C  59.A     60.D




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