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1- King Arthur of Camelot is a/an ……. figure in English history; that

is, everyone knows the stories about him but no one really knows

whether he actually lived or not.

A) legendary B) ridiculous C) infamous

D) popular E) intensive

2- Mosquitoes used to ……. me and keep me awake all night with their

buzzing and biting until I bought a machine that repels them.

A) comfort B) interest C) bother

D) collect E) invite

3- I think 400 pounds for two weeks in Marmaris is a …… price. Let’s

book it.

A) moral B) fair C) legal

D) expensive E) outrageous

4- All the components for our production line are stored in our ….. .

We have 5,000 different parts, which are stored under one roof.

A) reception B) workforce C) canteen

D) yard E) warehouse

5- A: I can’t seem to record a message on this answer phone.

B: Doesn’t it have any …….?

A: Yes, now you mention it. They are in my desk. I had better read


A) details B) menus C) signatures

D) instructions E) magazines

6- The old water mill has been ……. into a house. Of course it has a

superb location next to the river, but it is a little damp in winter.

A) recycled B) invented C) decorated

D) converted E) repaired

7- The flower arrangements in the competition were so elaborate that

Anne was afraid her ………… effort would be laughed at.

A) expensive B) modest C) enormous

D) colourful E) miserable

8- The twins in my class last year were ……… so nobody could tell

them apart. They had to dress differently so that people didn’t

mistake one for the other.

A) separate B) obstinate C) identical

D) varied E) close

9- You should be a/an ……. nursery nurse in order to look after babies

in a creche.

A) experimental B) temperate C) academic

D) qualified E) classic

10- The bridge was ……. after the storm and the police were sending all

vehicles weighing over a tonne by a different route.

A) weakened B) built C) heightened

D) closed E) abandoned

11- The robber hid by sitting on a ……. of a tree far above the ground.

A) leaf B) twig C) trunk

D) root E) branch

12- From May to August, the Tourist Board organises ……. of the town

twice daily.

A) tours B) plans C) maps

D) roads E) journeys

13- The traffic lights on the corner of the high street change so quickly

that if you …….. for just a few seconds, you miss them and have to

wait for them to change again.

A) hasten B) hinder C) respond

D) hesitate E) drive

14- Costa Rica ……. independence from Spanish rule in 1822.

A) bordered B) wore C) gained

D) expanded E)caught

15- The block of prison cells where prisoners are kept before their

……. is alled death row.

A) crime B) murder C) execution

D) injustice E) arrest

16- Most of the songs were sung by the entire …….. but there were

one or two solos.

A) orchestra B) choir C) tune

D) instrument E) audience

17- I think this air bed has a ……. . Look, it is deflating.

A) plug B) zip C) bubble

D) puncture E) wound

18- I might have been able to …….. on my work if the student in the

next room hadn’t been playing loud rock music all night.

A) interrupt B) irritate C) stare

D) avoid E) concentrate

19- If you ……. nicely, I’ll forgive you.

A) apologise B) deceive C) regret

D) believe E)excuse

20- Sally is very ……. . She always makes nice flower arrangements

and even makes her own greeting cards.

A) sarcastic B) creative C) repetitive

D) logical E) nervous

21- If we are to be so ……. from now on, we will need another waiter.

The restaurant was fully booked all last week.

A) hurried B) hardworking C) industrious

D) busy E) naughty

22- The customs officers encounter many original ways of ……. drugs

into the country illegally. Some people bring them in by

swallowing them only to retrieve them later!

A) struggling B) creating C) smuggling

D) flourishing E) destroying

23- Yesterday, my brother paid a one-hundred-pound ……. for

breaking the speed limit in his new sports car.

A) fine B) duty C) sentence

D) licence E) discount

24- The story the grandmother was telling was so fascinating that the

children were listening to every single word …….. .

A) attentively B) noisily C) appropriately

D) slowly E) moderately

25- There were ninety ……. for the job, so it was very hard to choose

someone for the position.

A) employees B) applicants C) members

D) participants E) delegates

26- The drama club distributes a ……. every quarter to all its

members. It informs them of current events and news about


A) manual B) workbook C) catalogue

D) newsletter E) directory

27- If you look directly at the Sun on a bright day, you can damage

your eyes …….; that is, you may have impaired vision for the rest

of your life.

A) permanently B) temporarily C) ordinarily

D) clumsily E) bravely

28- People who are given too many different tasks can become

stressed. Likewise, people who carry out ……. tasks such as

packing, assembly line jobs or supermarket cashiers, can also

suffer from stress because of the sheer monotony of their daily


A) interesting B) courageous C) cheerful

D) complicated E) repetitive

29- “I hate this weather,” moaned Hillary. “I wish the Sun would …….

for a change instead of always being behind big dark clouds!”

A) disappear B) shout C) conceal

D) pretend E) shine

30- The first year at university was difficult for Sandra, but through the

experience, she has gained …… . She now believes that she has the

ability to become a doctor.

A) nervousness B) shyness C) confidence

D) generosity E) selfishness

31- Alex gave birth to a pretty little girl. Unfortunately, her right hand is

slightly …… . Two fingers are joined together with a flap of skin,

but the doctor has assured Alex that this can be corrected by a

small operation.

A) broken B) strained C) deformed

D) bruised E) creased

32- John was test driving a new car. “If the seat is too far back, it is

possible to ……. it,” said the salesman. “You simply push that

button and pull the seat forward to suit your height.”

A) assist B) adjust C) consull

D) part E) watch

33- I’ve just phoned the Chinese restaurant, and it’s fully booked at the

weekend, but we can call on Saturday evening to see if there have

been any …….. if you like.

A) requests B) cancellations C) postponements

D) apologies E) regrets

34- Of the two hundred and sixty passengers and eleven members of the

crew, only one …….. the plane crash, and it was a three-month-old


A) survived B) lived C) grew

D) killed E) caused

35- White tigers have been close to ……. for many years, but illegal

hunting is still carried out in Siberia, which threatens the existence

of the species.

A) evolution B) execution C) termination

D) collapse E) extinction

36- Jossie and her friends have been ……… for a ban of fox hunting for

years. They often attend hunts trying to persuade huntsmen and

women not to take part.

A) enjoying B) participating C) electing

D) campaigning E) promoting

37- I like my new kitchen, which is ………. with a dishwasher and a

large freezer.

A) fitted B) complicated C) adjusted

D) conformed E) fashione

38- We distributed two thousand …….. about the opening of our pizza


A) ingredients B) meals C) leaflets

D) catalogues E) manuals

39- I believe my son’s mathematics teacher is too ……. with the children

because he gives them the answers to questions before he has

given them time to work them out.

A) slow B) greedy C) impatient

D) cruel E) strict

40- I didn’t get to make my point at the meeting because I was …….

before I had finished and the board started discussing something


A) irritated B) interrupted C) shouted

D) bothered E) disturbed


1.A 2.C 3.B 4.E 5.D 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.A

ll.E 12.A 13.D 14.C 15.C 16.B 17.D 18.E 19.A 20.B

21.D 22.C 23.A 24.A 25.B 26.D 27.A 28.E 29.E 30.C

31.C 32.B 33.B 34.A 35.E 36.D 37.A 38.C 39.C 40.B


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