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The  past continuous  tense


Olumlu Cümle  (+)

Özne +was,were+ Fiil(ing)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +was,were+Verb(ing)+ Object + Time Expression

I        was        working there

You   were      reading his book

We    were       playing basketball

They  were      living in Marmaris

He     was        cleaning his room

She   was         smiling at me

It       was        printing


Olumsuz Cümle  (-)

Özne +was/were not+ Fiil(ing)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +was/were not +Verb(ing)+ Object + Time Expression

I           was not working    here

You                 were not working   here

We                   were not working here

They                were not working  here

He                   was not working   here

She                  was not working  here

It                      was not working    here


Soru Cümlesi (?+)

Was/Were +Özne ++ Fiil(ing)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Was/Were +Subject +Verb(ing)+ Object + Time Expression

Was I          working     here?

Were you    working     here?

Were we     working     here?

Were they   working     here?

Was He       working     here?

Was she       working    here?

Was it          working    here?

  WH- Questions

  • What were you doing when I phoned you?

I was studying English.

  • Where were you going as I saw you?

I was going to Mugla City.

  • Who were you phoning when I entered the room?

I was phoning my mother.

  • Who was cleaning the room when you checked?

Murat was cleaning.

  • How was she studying English?

She was studying hard.




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