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The Present Continuous Tense

Olumlu Cümle  (+)

Özne +am,is are+ Fiil(ing)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +am,is,are+Verb(ing)+ Object + Time Expression

I        am          work ing          in Marmaris      now

You  are          study ing          hard                 at the moment.

We   are          read ing            regularly           tomorrow

They are          work ing          for Koç            next year.

He    is             writt ing                                  now

She   is            runn ing                                  now

It       is            cutt ing                                    now

I’m goin’ now.

You ain’t goin’ there, you’re stayin’ here.

Olumsuz Cümle  (-)

Özne +am,is are not+ Fiil(ing)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +am,is,are not +Verb(ing)+ Object + Time Expression

I        am not read ing               here                 now

You  are not writt ing               here                 now

We   are not talk ing                 here                now

They are not explain ing          here                 now

He    is    not typing                here                 now

She   is   not planning             here                 now

It       is    not work ing            here                 now

Soru Cümlesi (?+)

Am,Is Are +Özne ++ Fiil(ing)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Am,Is Are +Subject +Verb(ing)+ Object + Time Expression

Am     I        work ing    here now  ?

Are      You    work ing    here now  ?

Are       We     work ing    here now  ?

Are      They   work ing    here now  ?

Is       He     work ing    here now  ?

Is      She    work ing    here now  ?

Is       It       work ing    here now  ?

WH- Questions

nWhat are you doing   now?

I am studying English now.

nWhere are you going now?

I am going to Mugla City now.

nWhom are you phoning now?

I am phoning my mother now.

nWho is running now?

Murat is running now.

nHow is she coming here?

She is coming by bus.

Zaman İfadeleri

Today:                          Bu gün

This week:                    Bu hafta,

This month:                   Bu Ay

This year:                      Bu yıl

This summer:                 Bu yaz


Now:                           Şimdi

At the moment:            Şu an da


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