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The  Present Perfect  Tense

Olumlu Cümle  (+)

Özne +have/has+ Fiil(3)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +have/has+Verb(3)+ Object + Time Expression

I        have       worked           30 hours                      this week

You   have      studied            hard                this year

We    have       worked           well                 today

They have       talked              carefully                      today

He     has         worked            carelessly        today

She   has          phoned            me                   this month

It        has        worked            regularly          this week

I’ve done my work, it’s your turn now. You gotto do yours.

Olumsuz Cümle  (-)

Özne +have/has not+ Fiil(3)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

Subject +have/has not+Verb(3)+ Object + Time Expression

I        haven’t              worked           35 hours                      this week

You   haven’t             worked           hard                            this week

We    haven’t             worked           well                             this week

They haven’t               worked           carefully                     this week

He     hasn’t                worked            carelessly                    this week

She      hasn’t              phoned            me                               this week

It          hasn’t              worked            regularly                      this week

I ain’t told ‘er. She’s learnt from ‘im.

Soru Cümlesi (?+)

have/has + Özne + Fiil(3)+ Nesne + Zaman İfadesi

have/has+Subject +Verb(3)+ Object + Time Expression

Have  I          worked           this week?

Have  You     worked           this week?

Have  We      worked           this week?

Have  They    worked           this week?

Has     He       worked            this week?

Has     She      worked            this week?

Has     It          worked            this week?

WH- Questions

  • What’ve you done   this week?

I’ve studied English this week.

  • Where have you gone today?

I’ve gone to Mugla City today.

  • Whom  have you phoned ?

I’ve phoned  my mother.

  • Who’s phoned?

Murat has phoned.

  • How’s she come here?

She’s come by bus.



Zaman İfadeleri

Today:                        Bu gün

This week:                  Bu hafta,

This month:                 Bu Ay

This year:                    Bu yıl

This summer:             Bu yaz


Just:                            Az önce

Already:                     hali hazırda, demin

Yet:                            henüz



I haven’t seen him yet.

She’s just gone out.

They’ve already phoned us.


I’ve known him since 1995.

I’ve known her for 9 years.



İngilizce Öğretmeni

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