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There is / There are //some,any//



Mevcudiyeti belirtir…….

THERE IS + Sayılamayan İsimler/Sayılan Tekiller

  1. ÖRNEK

There is milk in the bottle.

There is a dog in the garden.

There is an umbrella on the table.


THERE ARE + Sayılan Çoğul İsimler

  1. ÖRNEK

There are two apples in the box.

Are there enough plates on the table?


Some, Any

Some; Sadece olumlu Cümlelerde Kullanılır,


THERE IS + Some +Sayılamayan İsimler

THERE Are + Some Sayılan Çoğullar

  1. ÖRNEK

There is some milk in the bottle.

There are some dogs in the garden.

There are some apples on the table.


Any; Sadece olumsuz ve soru cümlelerinde Kullanılır,

  1. ÖRNEK

There are not any apples in the box.

Are there any plates on the table?


There is not any milk in the bottle.

Is there any butter in the fridge?


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