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To be fiili- The Past form

To be fiili- The Past form

I           was      a student last year

You     were a waiter   last summer.

He       was      12                    last year.

She      was      fine                  yesterday.

It          was      a dog I saw yesterday.

We       were in Turkey last summer.

They were at home      last night.

Olumsuz cümle   (-)

I     was   not  a student   last year

You  were not  a waiter   last summer.

He   was not   12           last year.

She  was not    fine         yesterday.

It     was not    a dog I saw yesterday.

We   were not  in Turkey  last summer.

They were not at home    last night.

Soru Cümlesi   (-)

This – That işaret sıfat ve zamirleri ile kullanımı

This               was     my car.

This car          was     mine.

These            were    my books.

These books   were    mine.

That               was     your car.

That car         was     yours.

Those            were    your books.

Those books   were    yours.

WH ile yapılan sorular

Where were you last night?

I was at the party last night.

How were you yesterday?

I was ill yesterday.

Why was he back?

He was back because he had a lot of things to do in Marmaris.


Zaman İfadeleri

Yesterday: Dün

Last night: Dün gece

Last week: Geçen hafta

Last Month: Geçen ay

Last Year: geçen Yıl

Last Summer: geçen Yaz

Last time: geçen sefer


Two days ago:    İki gün önce

Two weeks ago: İki hafta önce

Two months ago: İki ay önce

Two years ago:    İki yıl önce




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