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[lingua_accordion id=”lingua_1″ multiselectable=”true” style=”accordion2″ ][lingua_accordion_item title=”TOEFL TIPS” id=”0″ accordion_id=”lingua_1″ style=”accordion2″ ]SOME STRATEGIES to PREPARE TOEFL[/lingua_accordion_item][/lingua_accordion]

  • Use your smartphone. There are many useful and free apps to study for TOEFL like TOEFL flashcards and pictionary.
  • Download a voice recorder to your smartphone for speaking practice.
  • -Use video sharing sites like YOUTUBE:) -Watch short clips and complete videos of American films and TV shows.
  • Follow some Youtube channels like Notefull
  • Use your telephone and call a toll free number and inquire about their products and services. Microsoft and apple care are some of the options:) If you schedulee a call from apple they will call you that the time you requested
  • Improve your writing speed with web-sites such as and These sites will improve your writing performance also
  • Find at least one language partner. That’s useful for speaking and listening practice. Mixxer language exchange community is best in this field I think. You connect to Skype directly on mixer with confidence.

English: Skype on mac that is version
English: Skype on mac that is version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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