Tips for Writing a Paragraph

Tips for Writing a Paragraph Characteristics of a good paragraph: ·       Topic sentence, which includes the topic and a controlling idea. ·       Supporting ideas (usually 3 – 6), which support the topic sentence ·       RENNS (reasons, examples, names, numbers, senses), which give details for and further explain the supporting ideas. ·       Optional concluding sentence, which leaves the reading with… Okumaya devam et Tips for Writing a Paragraph



English Help Desk
Go to iTunes and search under podcasts “English Help Desk” to subscribe or go to the website and download individual programs for help with grammar structures (website has a quick link for immediate download)
Better At English
Better at English: Free English lessons to help you learn English vocabulary, idioms, slang, grammar, and more!  You can listen to the audio files on the website (and read the transcripts) or subscribe to the 2-minute podcasts on iTunes. Guide to the TOEFL Test
This weekly podcast is for learners who are studying for the TOEFL exam.  The podcasts include lectures or longer conversations with a discussion afterwards about the vocabulary, grammar, etc.  The discussions are very detailed. Other podcasts include helpful advice on taking the TOEFL. The easiest way to subscribe is to go to iTunes/iTunes Store and in the podcast section, type “ESL TOEFL” and click on the title above.  You can also go to the website, althgou
Splendid Speaking  (download the interviews or subscribe to Splendid Speaking through the iTunes icon on this page)
These are interviews between non-native speakers of English on various topics.  Each interview looks at a particular speaking skill and ends with feedback on the student’s performance, including comments on the speakers’ vocabulary and grammar skills.  Listeners can test themselves at finding errors in the students’ speaking.  Transcripts can be downloaded as well.
Just Vocabulary
This daily podcast is all about learning new English words.  If English is your second language, or you are serious about improving your English wordpower, this podcast will help you to improve your English vocabulary. Daily!
Subscribe to this podcast and receive a new word daily, along with its history.  The chosen words consist of slang words and their history (e.g. “lousy”), words you may have never heard of (e.g. “boffin”), and common words with interesting background (e.g. “yes”).
The Word Nerds
For more advanced learners, this is a 30-40 minute podcast about language and language change. This podcast is for students who are interested in word origins.  For example, “Food Metaphors” was a recent topic which consisted of talking about several idioms in English related to food.  There is also a “rude word of the week”, many of which can be quite explicit.

Punctuation Marks with Examples and Their Usage

  Punctuation marks are symbols that are used to aid the clarity and comprehension of written language. Some common punctuation marks are the period, comma, question mark, exclamation point, apostrophe, quotation mark and hyphen. Punctuation Marks with Examples and Their Usage Punctuation Mark Symbol Definition Example apostrophe ‘ An apostrophe is used as a substitute… Okumaya devam et Punctuation Marks with Examples and Their Usage