Some Facts About William Shakespeare A-2 (Pre-intermediate)

In our Some Facts About William Shakespeare reading passage you will learn some about W. Shakespeare. (Playwright, Poet)

Some Facts About William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was born in Stadford-Upon-Avon that is a small English town. Shakespeare was baptised in Holy Trinity Church in Stradford-Upon_avon in 1564. He was buried 52 years later. W. Shakespeare lived between 1564-1616.

Holy Trinity Church in Stadford-Upon
Holy Trinity Church in Stadford-Upon

Some Facts About William Shakespeare – His Family

Shakespeare’s father was a glove maker. He was a craftsman and doing his job at home. Their house was not only for living but also for working. In Romeo and Juliet play he referances to glove making.

His Education

Skakespeare went to school at King Edwards’s. The school was just around the corner of family home. Becuse, his father’s work in city council he was able to go to school for free. His father was also a city counciler.In his writings you can find lots of Latin and Greek aspects because in those eras Latin and Greek had an influencial effect in English culture. Shakespeare left school at the age of 15 because of his father’s financial problems. He didn’t go to university. His writings were completely different than that thought in University.

His Marriage

At 18 Skaespeare married Anne Hathway. Anne was 8 years older than Shakspeare.

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