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A1 Seviye İngilizce Test

A1 Level English Test (Grammar)

A1 Level Grammar Test

A1 Level Grammar Test

1. Choose the correct verb form: “I _____ a student.”

2. Fill in the blank: “She has two _____.”

3. What is the plural form of ‘child’?

4. Choose the correct preposition: “They are going to the park _____ foot.”

5. Complete the sentence: “_____ you speak English?”

6. Find the mistake: “He don’t like apples.”

7. Choose the correct question form: “_____ is your name?”

8. Fill in the blank with the correct ‘to be’ form: “It _____ cold today.”

9. Which word correctly completes the sentence: “She _____ a book every night.”

10. Choose the correct possessive pronoun: “This is _____ pen.” (talking about a pen belonging to a man)

This content was prepared by the artificial intelligence software ChatGPT 4.0 (Pro) from OpenAI, and the accuracy of the test has been verified by the English teacher Onur Kalafat. We wish you success in your English learning.

Additionally, it might be good for the dear parents of our students to take a look at this content.” What Can You Do to Help Your Child Learn English at a Native Language Level? | by Cagri Mentes | Turkish Publication | Medium. Thank you. English Teacher Onur Kalafat


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