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Quantifiers (Belirteçlar)

İngilizce’de Quantifiers (belirteçler) ile sayılamayan ve sayılamayan nesneleri belirtiriz. Yani bunlar hakında soru sorar ve cevap alırız. Soru sormak için How many…? (Kaç tane) ve How much …? (Ne kadar?) soru kalıplarını kullanırız. 

How many (Sayılabilen isimler)

How many cars are there in the car park? (Parkta kaç tane araba var?)
How many plates are there on the table? (Masada kaç tane tabak var?)

How much (Sayılamayan isimleri sorarken)

How much money is there in the safe? (Kasada ne kadar para var?)
How much sugar is there in the bowl? (Şişede ne kadar şeker var?)

( bir ) ÇOK

A Lot (Of)  =             + C U

There are a lot of cars in the street.
There is a lot of rice in the bowl.
There are not a lot of cars in the street.
Is  There a lot of rice in the bowl?

Many  =                                  – C ?

There aren’t many cars in the street.
Are there many cars in the street?

Much =                                   – U ?

There isn’t much rice in the bowl.
Is there much sugar in the bowl?

A few = Birkaç    + C

We have got a few friends in this town.
There are a few cars in the park.

A little = Bir az   + U

We have got a little money in the safe.
There is a little money in the safe.

Pek Çok ( Too Many – Too Much )

Too Many= +C

There are too many people in the street.

Too Much= +U

There is too much money in the safe.

Enough + – ?CU

There are enough players to play basketball.
There are not enough players to play football.
There is not enough money to do our plans.
Is there enough time?

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