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Accredited Online Colleges

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Accredited Online Colleges

Why Accredited Online Colleges?

The purpose of accreditation is simple: to measure educational excellence, spearhead quality assurance, and ensure pre-determined standards are maintained. Quality higher education remains a critical component of future career success. However, understanding the different types of accreditation and knowing which accrediting commissions are reputable can be confusing. So; why Accredited Online Colleges, how it works, who provides accreditation, and how online education fits within the framework.


Why Should You Care About Accreditation?

Attending an accredited institution or program makes a significant difference for students in a number of ways. In addition to high quality and standards, Accredited Online Collegesmeans you will:

  • Have access to federal financial aid
  • Have greater ease in transferring existing college credits
  • Rest assured that their education will be led by qualified faculty
  • Know their degree will be recognized by employers

Selecting an accredited college or university truly makes a difference to students.


Types Of Accreditation

Two main types of accreditation exist: institutional and specialized (sometimes called programmatic). Within institutional accreditation, there are significant differences between schools accredited by a national commission versus those accredited by a regional agency.


Who Accredits Colleges?

Private educational commissions that conduct independent evaluations accredit in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Education does not accredit any schools or programs. But it does release a list of nationally recognized accreditation organizations considered reputable. Both the colleges and these accreditation commissions must apply for accreditation. Commissions must apply to the USDE for trustworthy accrediting body.

While multiple forms of accreditation exist, the most desirable and prestigious universities will be regionally accredited. These are typically more academically rigorous, competitive, and offer graduates an excellent foundation for entering the job market. If you are looking to change colleges, transferring credits between universities with the same accreditation is much easier.


How Does Accreditation Work?

Higher education institutions and programs seeking accreditation must undergo a long and thorough process to be recognized by a respected accrediting body. Often, the school must complete a series of requirements before even starting the accreditation process. Depending on the size of the university, individual requirements of the commission, and any need for revisions, the process can take anywhere from 1-3 years. See the list ofAccredited Online Colleges.

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