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English as a Second Language

English as a second language is called ESL most of the time. It is different from EFL (English as a foreign language). ESL (English as a second language) stands for learning English in a English speaking country for at least 2 years. English as a foreign language (EFL)is, however, learning English in a foreign country, other than English speaking countries.

To become as fluent in English as a native speaker is somewhat so difficult if you want to learn it if it is your second language. Or if you have learnt it in a different country other than English speaking countries.

If you want to learn English and if it isn’t your mother tongue you may want to travel abroad. You might want to travel to a English speaking country.

However, if you can’t find opportunity, you may use language exchange communities on the internet. An examples of it;

There are lots of learning opportunities on web to use. You may also use city library opportunities for books and internet connection with PCs.

Thank you for reading my article on English as a second language. See you.


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