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Online Doctoral Programs In Education

Online Doctoral Programs In Education

Online Doctoral Programs In Education have various types such as EdD, Phd, or EdS. If you are a graduate, doctoral program provide you with skills and academic knowledge relating to education practice. In education, there are different types of doctoral programs, various schools. EdD programs are based on project and practice. But PhD programs are more research-based. Education Specialist programs (EdS) are ultimate, post-master’s professional degree programs related to the EdD and PhD. However these programs do not usually finish with a doctoral degree.

Advantages of Online Doctoral Programs In Education

Online Doctoral Programs In Education can help you develop your research, analythic thinking, and leadership skills. More particularly helps you gain advanced knowledge in the education field. With a doctoral program, you can  prepare yourself to solve changing problems in today’s education system.  You will have more opportunities for positions in school leadership with a doctoral degree. Also will have opportunities for a career in academia. This career might be on research or on teaching at the college or university level.

Many schools offer Online Doctoral Programs In Education. Those wishing a doctoral degree are often working professionals. That’s why these programs have high flexibility for working professionals. If you’ve master’s degree, you can complete doctorate in less time than those who have a bachelor’s degree.


Formats of Online Doctoral Programs In Education

Because majority of those wishing doctoral program are already certified as teachers or administrators, it may only require limited attendance. Many programs allow students to complete the majority of course online. And may only require to attendance to summer seminars.

Other programs are like a hybrid course format and require attendance for weekend or evening courses. But it will be useful to visit campus to use the school’s library education labs and research tools. You should pay attention to understand each program’s attendance requirement before applying.


Subjects of Doctoral Education Degree Program

Courses for a doctoral education have advanced courses in education. Doctorate programs result in selecting a final thesis project and research study.

Subjects of a doctoral education degree program:

  • Education Policy
  • Educational Philosophy
  • Organizational Theory & Higher Education
  • Curriculum Theory
  • Principles of Educational Administration
  • Learning Theory and the Educational Process
  • Dissertation Research
  • Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
  • Statistics for Educational Research
  • Comparative Higher Education
  • Internship in Higher Education

Opportunities of Employment

  • Gaining EdD and PhD programs, you can find employment at higher education institutions.
  • You can work in a leadership role in school administration as school superintendent, principal, or curriculum coordinator.
  • You can also find positions in the corporate and charity sides of the education sector.

So, as a working Professional, benefit from the advantages of Online Doctoral Programs In Education. Advance your career.


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