Irregular Verb Quizes

Irregular Verbs – Present Perfect Tense Quizes

Irregular Verb Quiz 1 (Past Participle) Name______________________
Please choose the correct form of the PRESENT PERFECT of the verb indicated in the following sentences.

  1. Soon Ye _______________ (be) present for two weeks.
  2. Fernando _______________ (choose) to spend big money.
  3. Artemio _______________ (feel) bad after a party.
  4. Mien _______________ (give) good homework to the teacher.
  5. Maria _______________ (mean) what she said.
  6. Yesenia _______________ (sell) something.
  7. Lydmila _______________ (sleep) outdoors.
  8. Svetlana _______________ (swear) on the Bible.
  9. Eduardo _______________ (think) about coming back to class next year.
  10. Francisco _______________ (withdraw) money from a bank.

Irregular Verb Quiz 2 (Past Participle) Name______________
Please write the correct forms of the PRESENT PERFECT for the indicated verbs in the following sentences.

  1. George _______________ (fall) down stairs.
  2. Fernando _______________ (write) a letter to his uncle.
  3. Zhanna _______________ (drive) her car to class every day this week. She _______________ (not take) the bus.
  4. Svetlana _______________ (speak) to her supervisor on the phone.
  5. Kim _______________ (not throw) a football.
  6. Hanh _______________ (not fly) in a private plane.
  7. Esperanza _______________ (wear) her new dress for a week now.
  8. Kuniko _______________ (drink) a soft drink in class.
  9. Mariya _______________ (not hide) money under her mattress.
  10. Mien _______________ (not draw) on a wall.
  11. Elvira _______________ (not steal) anything.
  12. Tatiana _______________ (not break) her arm.
  13. Lydmila _______________ (not shake) hands with the president.
  14. Artemio _______________ (not grow) tomatoes.
  15. Hien _______________ (blow) a whistle.

Irregular Verb Quiz 3 (Past Participle)                          Name_________________
Please write the correct forms of the PRESENT PERFECT for the indicated verbs in the following sentences.
Examples:   Jorge ___has taught___ (teach) his nephew to play soccer.
Kuniko ________________ (spend) a lot of money.

  1. Tatyana _______________ (sell) a car.
  2. Mariya _______________ (not sit) on a cactus.
  3. Artemio _______________ (never sleep) in a tent.
  4. Mien _______________ (never spend) a whole day doing nothing.
  5. Hanh _______________ (not think) about the meaning of life.
  6. Fernando ________________ (have) the flu.
  7. Yesenia ________________ (make) a birthday cake.
  8. Joon _______________ (read) the Bible.
  9. Zhanna _______________ (not feed) pigeons in the park.
  10. Lydmila _______________ (tell) a little white lie.
  11. Elvira _______________ (buy) a refrigerator.
  12. Esperanza ________________ (not build) a house.
  13. Soon Ye _______________ (not catch) a fish.
  14. Svetlana _______________ (cut) her own hair.
  15. Irene ________________ (not find) money on the sidewalk.
  16. Kim ________________ (put) off doing her homework.
  17. Tuoc ________________ (feel) terrible about something.
  18. Maureen ______________ (not lose) the key to her house.
  19. Francisco _______________ (hold) a newborn baby.
  20. Jorge ________________ (not meet) the president.

Irregular Verb Quiz 4 (Past Participle) Name__________________
Please write the correct form of the PRESENT PERFECT of the verbs indicated in the following sentences.

  1. I __________ already __________ (do) my job. I don’t want to do it again.
  2. One of my teammates ____________________ (withdraw) from the game. That’s why we delayed.
  3. The old man ____________________ (lie) on the bench for two hours.
  4. I ____________________ (feed) my birds every day this week.
  5. Since I received a letter from my parents, I ____________________ (think) about them.
  6. I ____________________ (write) six letters this evening.
  7. Since I came to the United States, I ____________________ (be) interested in the English language.
  8. I __________ just __________ (send) a letter to my friend.
  9. I ____________________ (buy) two cars in my life and both of them ____________________ (run) well.
  10. Since I left my country, I ____________________ (keep) all my souvenirs.
  11. For two weeks we ____________________ (write) English verbs.

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