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Thomas Edison and His First Invention A-2 to B-1 (pre-intermediate-intermediate)

In our Thomas Edison and His First Invention reading passage, you will learn about Thomas Edison’s early childhood and his first invention in his early years.

Shortly Thomas Edison

Thomas (Alva) Edison was an American inventor. He was born on February 11, 1847, and died on October 18, 1931. He has been very helpful to his country. Because he was living in America’s vulnerable early years.

Thomas Edison’s Inventions

  • Telegraph
  • The universal stock ticker
  • The phonograph
  • The first commercially viable light bulb
  • Alkaline storage batteries
  • The kinetograph (a camera for motion pictures).

Thomas Edison’s Family

He was the youngest of seven children in his family. His father was Samuel Edison, and his mother was Nancy Edison. His father was a political activist, and his mother was an accomplished schoolteacher. His mother has a major influence in Thomas’s early life.

His Childhood and Education

He had scarlet fever and ear infections in his childhood. As a result, he had hearing difficulties in his childhood. He was nearly deaf in his adulthood. Edison’s hearing loss was because of a train incident. His ears were injured in this train incident.

Edison was a hyperactive child, and he was deemed difficult by his teachers. His mother took him from school and taught him at home. At the age of 11, he showed a very big amount of appetite for learning and knowledge. . He was reading books on a variety of subjects. Edison took his education at home.

Edison convinced his parents to sell newspapers at the train station to passengers at the age of 12.  Thomas began publishing his own small newspaper. Its name was “Grand Trunk Herald.” There is a long list to tell abot Edison’s bright childhood, However, we are progressing with his first invention now.

Thomas Edison and His First Invention

At the age of 22, Edison was successful with his first invention. He invented an improved stock ticker. It was called the Universal Stock Printer. He was paid $40000 for his invention. With the help of money, he devoted himself fully to inventing.

Thomas Edison and His First Invention

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