Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan with 10 Steps

This is a flipped classroom lesson plan. I have implemented it successfully in 2 or 3 schools for 4 or 5 subjects. Each lesson plan for two weeks period.

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan (Sequence)

What is the Flipped Classroom Lesson Sequence for an EL Classroom ?

2 Weeks Period 14 gün

Teacher’s Preparation

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan

Teacher prepares a 2 weeks lesson plan. He/She can describe at the first lesson activity, “the flipped classroom lesson sequence”

Teacher prepares some learning materials

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan

Teacher prepares some materials. Those are might be slides, PDFs, sound files, videos, docs, etc.

Teacher prepares a lesson blog

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan

I recommend WordPress and you can always use free version of WordPress at WordPress.com. You can always protect your teaching content with password ** at WordPress

Teacher Prepares a chat session.

KDZ Ereğli İngilizce özel ders

Google chat or any other reliable and educative chat session is good for that.

Teacher group and pair students.

Teacher divides the class in to groups. Students who wants to study individually can always do. Any web 2.0 tool that is suitable can be used to group or pair students

Homeworks at school

Teacher handouts pdfs and docs (homeworks) those have to be done with teacher’s help and understandings.

At home, that is the school time.

Students watch video lessons and audio files those are embedded classroom blog. Teacher might have supplied them a password for the classroom lesson blog..

Chat Time

Teacher has had prepared a chat sessions, students gather at the dedicated chat time and ask their questions. The chat session must be password protected for the students and it might also be embedded to the lesson blog.

That’s All

That is a one day flipped class lesson sequence. It would continue for that subject around 2 weeks.

Writing an independent Paragraph lesson plan with Flipped classroom approach

Now, let’s inspect the sequence of the lesson with Learning English with Flipped Class; Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan .

A WordPress blog is opened by the teacher to collect the classroom studies. To reach the site teacher creates a passcode. That’s available with wordpress.com free version.

Teacher prepares a video lesson on how to write a paragraph in English with the Prezi video and presentation tool. The teacher embeds the video into the classroom blog and assign a password to the blog for privacy. Using Edmodo teacher will collect writing assignments. Teacher creates Edmodo accounts for every student and gives the link of the Edmodo classroom to the students at classroom blob/website.

Teacher creates a sound file and after uploading it to SoundCloud embeds the listening passage to the blog.

After the chat session and students give their tasks via edmodo to the teacher.

At classroom teacher creates some tasks for students. Students write a paragraph in their groups and evaluate each other’s tasks.

You may also look at my other article on the Learning English with Flipped Classroom here.

Benefits of Flipped Classroom

  1. Students feel more comfortable while they are having lessons at home.
  2. Students are able to ask their questions, while they are doing their tasks (namely homework) at school.

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan

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