Learning English with Flipped Class (ideas and plan)

Learning English with Flipped Class
Learning English with Flipped Classroom

Learning English with Flipped Classroom means learn at home, and do your homework at school. But, what is the motivation behind this?

Learning English with Flipped Class

  1. Students feel more comfortable while they are having lessons at home.
  2. Students are able to ask their questions, while they are doing their tasks (namely homework) at school.

But how this situation is managed. Let’s learn them step by step for an Learning English with Flipped Classroom.

  1. Teacher prepares video lessons with Prezi, Adobe products or any other video lesson creation tool.
  2. Teacher may also create sound files to make students listen (pronunciation or listening activity.)
  3. Teacher prepares pdf documents (for reading activity) with Google docs, etc.
  4. Teacher may prepare slides with Google slides or Slideshare
  5. Teacher creates a writing task with and then;
  6. Teacher creates a web blog and a password that only students and parents know

a. Teacher creates a reliable chat service session. Students are able to ask questions to their teachers from home.

b.Students are able to give their writing assignments immediately to their teacher via chat tool.

Now, School time and School is Home

After students take their lectures at home they do their homework at school. Steps to take;

Writing an independent Paragraph lesson plan with Flipped classroom approach

Now, let’s inspect the sequence of the lesson with Learning English with Flipped Class;

A WordPress blog is opened by the teacher to collect the classroom studies. To reach the site teacher creates a passcode. That’s available with wordpress.com free version.

Teacher prepares a video lesson on how to write a paragraph in English with the Prezi video and presentation tool. The teacher embeds the video into the classroom blog and assign a password to the blog for privacy. Using Edmodo teacher will collect writing assignments. Teacher creates Edmodo accounts for every student and gives the link of the Edmodo classroom to the students at classroom blob/website.

Teacher creates a sound file and after uploading it to SoundCloud embeds the listening passage to the blog.

After the chat session and students give their tasks via edmodo to the teacher.

At classroom teacher creates some tasks for students. Students write a paragraph in their groups and evaluate each other’s tasks.

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